Put Your Best Self(Ie) Forward

Looking to reinvent yourself? If you don’t know where to start, let Joy and Violet from The Style Atelier share their secrets.

Portrait of Tammy Strobel
Looking to reinvent yourself? If you don’t know where to start, let Joy and Violet from The Style Atelier share their secrets.
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Who: The Style Atelier

What: Services include personal styling, bridal engagement, education and training. “We are all about bringing out the best in each individual. We are change-enablers to fellow makeup artisans, providing one-stop business solutions and a co-working space for a stellar team of professionals."

How: Tip #1: "Get a professional to curate your wardrobe before a makeover shoot. Work with your makeup artist and photographer to dish out style advice such as whether a turtle-neck top will make your face appear rounder or if the jacket is too boxy and may make you appear bigger than you really are." Tip #2: "Experiment with a DSLR camera – the images captured are way sharper than those from mobile phones. You also cannot go wrong with taking your photos under natural light. Play with the ISO settings, which is the sensitivity level of your camera to light, to get the highest image quality with the most detail." Tip #3: "If having a camera pointed at you freezes you up instantly, fret not. The photoshoots at The Style Atelier are never stressful as we work with a wonderful team of photographers who know how to bring out your best smile and make your makeover experience an enjoyable one."

Where: #02-02, 21 Club Street. Tel: 8399 0678. Check out their works at www.styleatelier.com for the latest style inspirations.

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After youthfulness, longevity is the next beauty goal we all want to achieve. That's why the new Blue Serum by Chanel is inspired by Blue Zones – geographic areas of the world where people live longer. Unlike most anti-ageing solutions that aim to turn back the clock, it embraces a more holistic approach to healthy skin. The serum contains active ingredients derived from plants found in Blue Zones, such as green coffee from Costa Rica, olive from Sardinia and lentisk (a wild herb) from Greece. Through a customised extraction processes, these ingredients will improve the longevity of the skin and bring back its youthful glow.

Chanel Blue Serum, $160

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What: Facial in a Flash Treatment

Where: Skin Inc Facial In a Flash Skin Bar at #03-14/15 Scotts Square. Tel: 6536 6789

How much: $45 for 20 minutes

This customised facial treatment refreshes and revitalises the skin in just 20 minutes. Using Skin Inc’s signature three-step programme of cleansing, double-cleansing and peeling to lift, firm and increase the absorption of skincare products, this treatment is perfect for those who complain about not having any time for a facial.

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What: Jet Revitalising Facial

Where: Jet Concepts at #03-05 Wheelock Place. Tel: 6733 7055

How much: $150 for 45 mins, $88 for an introductory session

This facial helps relieve stress and nourishes the skin in just under an hour. Using a special Jet Concepts technique, the therapist stimulates 15 unique meridian acupoints on the face by hand, which is akin to giving your skin a wicked workout so that you leave the place with an energised visage and feeling fresh.

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