Shine Bright Like a Diamond

Sure, you can treat dull skin, but preventive steps can also go a long way in making sure you’ll never lose your glow.

Portrait of Tammy Strobel
Sure, you can treat dull skin, but preventive steps can also go a long way in making sure you’ll never lose your glow.

We all know the drill by the time we hit our mid-twenties: never forget sunscreen. Not only does it help to lower the risk of skin cancer, it can also prevent lasting damage caused by harmful UV rays. Take dark spots. They appear on your face when there’s an excess production of melanin, which your skin produces to protect itself from UV rays. According to Angeline Lim-De Silva, the Asia Pacific regional training manager for Elizabeth Arden, pigmentation spots can be avoided by using sunscreen regularly. And while exfoliation can help to even out your skin tone, it isn’t sufficient to keep pigmentation at bay. In fact, “it only helps to lighten pre-existing spots,” explains Angeline.

But, of course, achieving a luminous complexion requires a lot more than that. Having an even skin tone is just one part of it; the other part relies on how smooth your skin is. Smoother surfaces refl ect more light – so the smoother your complexion is, the more radiant you’ll look.

For an all-round approach to rejuvenating dull skin, Elizabeth Arden has developed the Visible Whitening Skincare System. Powered by its own Advanced MIx Concentrate, a brightening skincare technology that packs brightening properties and potent melanin-inhibiting benefits, it’s all you need to combat a lacklustre complexion. The products in this line include cleanser, toner, essences, emulsion, serum and moisturiser. There’s also the Visible Whitening Texturizing Pads, which gently remove impurities for a translucent complexion.

Some may have their reservations about brightening products, as their strong ingredients can be harsh on sensitive skin. According to Angeline, moderation is key in this case.

“Prolonged use of brightening products is not encouraged,” she says. “It’s better to intersperse its usage with repair products like Elizabeth Arden’s Ceramide range to ensure the skin is strengthened.”

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1 Cleanse with Visible Whitening Smoothing Cleanser (125ml), $57.
2 Exfoliate with Visible Whitening Retexturizing Pads (50pcs), $85.
3 Tone with Visible Whitening Pore Minimizing Toner (200ml), $72.
4 Treat during the day with Visible Whitening Melanin Control Day Essence With Advanced MI Concentrate (30ml), $134, and during the night with Visible Whitening Melanin Control Night Capsules With Advanced Mix Concentrate (50 capsules), $144.
5 Moisturise with Visible Whitening Smooth and Brighten Emulsion (100ml), $124, and Firm And Reflect Moisturizer (50ml), $124.
6 Brighten your eyes with Visible Whitening Illuminating Eye Serum (15ml), $88.