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You’re meant for great things. Find a Birkenstock that matches your personality and take life in your stride.

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You’re meant for great things. Find a Birkenstock that matches your personality and take life in your stride.

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1 Beach Baby

You’re happiest when you’re near the sun, sand and sea, and you actually love it when your hair smells a little salty. The scuba Birkenstock EVAs, from $49, not only match your sunny personality, but are the perfect sole-mates near the water as they’re waterproof. They’re the ultimate sandals for summe which is the season you live for!  

2 Meet the EVAs 

Ultra lightweight and highly flexible, these high-quality sandals are waterproof and washable. They’re super easy to care for, and are also odourneutral. Modelled after the cork sandal, they provide superior cushioning and will have you walking on air with every step. 

3 Glam Girl

You’re drawn to all things shiny. You’re never afraid to express yourself, and this also shows in your dressing. The Birkenstock Classic Shiny Snake sandals, from $129, are just what you need to take you from one house party to another, as they’re as eye-catching as they’re comfortable.

4 Meet the Classics

The soles of this iconic range are made of cork, an excellent insulator against heat, cold and moisture. Meanwhile, the top layer of the footbed is made of soft suede, and the flexible cover sole gently adjoins the foot and adapts to its shape. Best of all, the leather is open-pored, so your feet will smell fresh even after walking all day.

5 Adventure Junkie

You love a good rush of blood to the head, and nothing can stop you from conquering a hiking trail or jumping out of a plane. The dark-coloured Birkenstock EVAs, from $49, will serve you well on your next adventure as they blend into the surroundings and are lightweight and washable. Basically, they’re super fuss-free, which is just how you like things to be.

6 Girl Next Door

You’re easy-going and super approachable. You don’t like anything too loud and would prefer your actions to speak for themselves. The Birkenstock Classic RIO and MAYARI, from $119, not only meet your need for practicality, but also fit your breezy personality both in form and style.