True Colours

Thinking of changing up your hair colour? Make a statement with the shades of the moment.

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Thinking of changing up your hair colour? Make a statement with the shades of the moment.

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It’s said to be one of the most flattering shades for Asian skin tones.

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From dark chocolate to a lighter chestnut hue, this is a cool option if you’re going for a low maintenance, au naturel look.

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The most natural ombre shade, it’s a light blonde graduating to chocolate or vice versa.

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Rose Gold

Instagram’s top hair colour trend remains one of the most popular hues simply because it’s so pretty.

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Granny hair has become cool. To make it stand out even more, pair it with dark roots. 

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Pumpkin (aka Gingersnap)

This comes in varying shades of intensity, from copper and ginger to orange and fiery red.

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You’ve got a lot of options here, but if you’re worried about damaging your hair by going the platinum blonde route, opt for dark roots with blonde highlights.

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This attention-grabbing shade is not going away any time soon.

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Pastel lavender like Kelly Osbourne or electric violet like Katy Perry? 

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If you’re adventurous enough, this mermaid-inspired hue is much more flattering than you think.
Dos and Don’ts
Avoid overusing heat styling tools.

Always use a heat protectant spray from root to tip before blow-drying or using heat stylers.

Pick a shampoo and conditioner combination that’s specific for colourtreated hair to keep colours fresh and vibrant. Use purple or silver shampoo to prevent your blonde locks from turning brassy too quickly.

Images, TPG/Click Photos.

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