Senior Beauty Editor Cynthia Chew goes to Jeju island to experience the natural goodness that can only come from Mother Nature. Take a peek at her travel diary for some must-dos.

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Senior Beauty Editor Cynthia Chew goes to Jeju island to experience the natural goodness that can only come from Mother Nature. Take a peek at her travel diary for some must-dos. 
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Day 1: Hello, Jeju! 

Jeju island is the source of inspiration and ingredients for Innisfree, so it was apt that it was where the brand held its first global media conference. As soon as I arrived, I was whisked away to the Innisfree Jeju House flagship store – the heart and soul of the K-Beauty brand. Built in 2013, it serves to bring visitors and beauty junkies close to nature through eco-friendly activities like soap-making and the opportunity to bask in green tea fields where lots of selfie opportunities await. We then headed up Hallasan Mountain, a UNESCO World Heritage site, for a gorgeous view of the island and to witness the chemical-free green tea fields. 

The next stop was Songaksan Mountain, where we were greeted with breathtaking scenic views throughout the 40-minute hike. There are many mountains to climb in Jeju, but unfortunately, there wasn’t enough time for us to visit them all.  

Next up, was a visit to Hyeop-jae beach, where you’ll find long stretches of beautiful aquamarine seawater. It was also here where Innisfree arranged an engaging DIY eco sandal- making class, in line with the brand’s commitment to paving the way for a greener future. 

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Day 2: Discovery of the Lava Seawater

The day began with a visit to Manjanggul Cave, another UNESCO World Heritage site that houses one of the world’s longest lava tunnels. The tunnel is more than 13km long, but only 1.4km is open to the public. There, I saw a variety of interesting structures, including a 70cm-long lava column or stalagmite. 

We then headed to the Lava Seawater Industrial Complex to better understand this important water source that propels many of Jeju’s beauty 
and lifestyle businesses. Interestingly, this salty underground water is free of polluted substances as it undergoes a natural filtering process through the basalt layers in the ground. The water is also abundant in essential minerals like magnesium, calcium and potassium. 

Next stop was the charming Walk in Jeju Cafe in Woljeongri, where the Innisfree Jeju Lava Seawater skincare media presentation was held. The star ingredient, pure lava seawater from Jeju island, addresses three hydration factors in the skin. Namely, it reinforces cellular energy, creates a strong moisture barrier, and boosts the synergy between hydration and firming effects by reinforcing collagen. In turn, the ingredient helps the skin to retain moisture. 

This anti-ageing line is for anyone with dehydrated skin or skin that lacks firmness. I was immediately drawn to two things about this range – the distinctive gel-like texture (notably, the cream contained tiny capsules filled with essence and ceramide to provide deeper moisturisation), and the gorgeous scent, which is a citrus-herbal blend of orange, rosemary, thyme, mint and clove. If they bottled this scent into a fragrance, I’d happily wear it every day – and I’ll be quite happy to stay on Jeju island every day too!