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Life savers for summer days on the go. 炎热天气出行的救星.

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Life savers for summer days on the go. 炎热天气出行的救星.

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1. Inspired by Ayurvedic traditions, Body Shop’s 100 per cent vegan Himalayan Charcoal Purify Glow Mask removes impurities and toxins with bamboo charcoal, exfoliates with Japanese green tea and clears the skin with community-trade organic tea tree oil from Kenya.

灵感启发自传统阿育吠陀疗法,100%天然全素的Body Shop竹炭排毒净肌面膜采用来自喜马拉雅山的竹炭, 有效导出及吸走肌肤污垢及多余油脂;含高效抗氧化 成份及茶单宁的日本绿茶叶有效去角质;而来自肯尼 亚社群贸易的有机茶树油则有助净化肌肤。 www.thebodyshop.com

2. Designed to detoxify, stimulate cell renewal and improve resilience against environmental damage, Christina’s Absolute Detox Serum is a rich and multifunctional combination of actives, including anti-toxins peptide, BioTech Algae complex, energy boosting complex and caffeine. The result? Healthy and balanced skin.

Christina极致排毒精华蕴含多功能的活性成分,包括 抗毒素肽,复合生物藻类,能量提升配方,叶绿素和 咖啡因,有助肌肤排毒,促进细胞更新,对抗环境对 肌肤的损害。一瓶在手,健康和平衡肌肤随手可有。 www.christina-cosmeceuticals.com

3. Intraceutical’s Rejuvenate Daily Serum is perfect for oily skin. Combining hyaluronics with antioxidants and vitamins, the lightweight formula restores glow to fatigued, blemished skin, while reducing redness, acne-induced sensitivity and limiting oil production.

Intraceutical的Rejuvenate Daily Serum精华液专为油 性皮肤而设。结合低量分子透明质酸,抗氧化物和 维生素,这款轻感质地的配方能减少油脂分泌,防止 皮肤泛红和诱发痤疮,瞬间令疲劳的皮肤恢复光彩。 www.intraceuticals.com

4. Suitable for all skin types, MTM’s natural Custom-Blended Soothing Toner minimises pores and refreshes the skin. Its salicylic acid eases inflammation and bacterial build-up, preventing breakouts and blackheads. The lightweight yet moisturising texture makes it ideal for summer; those with extra oily and acne-prone complexions can infuse it with meadowsweet extract to speed up the skin’s recovery time.

适用于所有皮肤类型,密特曼天然量肤定制保湿爽肤水 可以配合任何洁面产品,能收细毛孔,保持皮肤清爽洁 净。其水杨酸成分有助抑制油脂分泌,缓解炎症和杀灭 细菌,预防黑头粉刺。其轻盈水润的质地非常适合夏天 使用。油脂分泌过多和暗疮皮肤可以加入榆绣线菊提取 物来加速皮肤修复。 www.mtmskincare.com