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Facial oils to nourish the skin for a dewy look and feel.

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Facial oils to nourish the skin for a dewy look and feel.

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1. Designed for all skin types, The History of Whoo’s Cheongidan Wild Ginseng Ampule Oil is a non-greasy solution that deeply hydrates skin and balances its natural pH for firmness and a youthful glow. More than half of the herbal-based formula comprises wild ginseng extract.

2. Skin Delight Regulating Face Oil by I plus Q is enriched with jojoba oil, organic sea buckthorn berry oil, ylang ylang, sandalwood, rose and jasmine. The lightweight formula is designed to eliminate stress and other oxidising factors that prevent cell regeneration.

3. Designed to eliminate impurities, Babor’s latest HY-ÖL cleansing range stimulates skin’s metabolism with the new active detoxifying ingredient, Agrimonia eupatoria, which shields the skin from external influences. The line has formulas for dry, sensitive, combination and mature skin types, available in various textures.

4. Aiming to give skin a silk-like appearance, Bhawa’s Silk Face Oil contains powerful antioxidants and amino acids to repair cells, while promoting cell-regeneration, conditioning the skin with improved elasticity and resilience. The golden silk protein mimics human skin structure to deliver weightlessness, hydration and richness.

5. Aromatherapy Associates’ Inner Strength Soothing Face Oil calms and comforts dry, irritated skin with a nourishing blend of chamomile, evening primrose oil, ximenia, strawberry seed oil and baobab seed oil. Gently press a drop or two into the face and neck to promote the skin’s natural healing process.

6. The quickly absorbed Pro-Definition Facial Oil by Elemis not only nourishes, but creates a contour definition and lift around the jawline, nose and brow. Packed with abundant essential fatty acids for instant moisture and plant stem cell extracts rich in antioxidant compounds, the formula also contains Himalayan gentian for smoothness and evening primrose oil to ease the appearance of wrinkles.

7. Pevonia’s Ligne Fondamentale “C” Complexe with Oxyzomes corrects photodamage and reduces fine lines for luminous, oxygenated skin. Designed with smokers and those with hypersensitive skin in mind, the oil is enriched with hydraulic acid, vitamin E and lecithin.