Changi Airport’s latest terminal signals the future for travel experiences.

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Changi Airport’s latest terminal signals the future for travel experiences.

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The new Terminal 4 is currently Changi Airport’s smallest passenger terminal – nearly half that of its sister, Terminal 3 – but it is not something to be overlooked. A hotbed of futuristic developments, the former budget terminal is expected to see 16 million passengers per annum and will serve as an observation ground for the modernisation of the airport experience. The official date of operations has yet to be announced, but passengers of Cathay Pacific and Korean Air may have a chance to explore the new terminal when these airlines do their trial runs. Here’s what to look out for:


Its fully automated self-service departure process is expected to shorten passenger clearance time. Facial recognition systems now run everything from check in to the boarding gate. This cuts out the identity verification process by staff.


The Central Galleria, a 300m-long openair space separating public and transit zones, allows the petite terminal to appear more spacious than it is.

It also features a six-piece kinetic artwork, Petalclouds, designed by German art studio ART+COM.

The team also created Terminal 1’s Kinetic Rain sculpture in 2012.


The terminal’s Heritage Zone offers both retail and dining spots. The Peranakan-inspired facade doubles as an immersive LED screen, which plays a six-minute film, Peranakan Love Story, done in collaboration with composer Dick Lee.


Introducing CT scans during security screenings means passengers will no longer have to unpack and repack luggages for electronic devices.

The advanced 3D screening technology can detect liquids, aerosols and gels. The 70m immersive wall overhead provides entertainment while you’re waiting.
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