The Star Wars trilogies may be over, but Tozeur is about to rise.

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Brimming with palm trees, the city of Tozeur in Western Tunisia boasts a medina rich in culture and exquisite Arabian architecture – and is as well worth a visit today as it was before it became known as filming locations for Star Wars and Indiana Jones.

In November last year, it added Anantara Tozeur Resort to its cast of attractions. A meeting point for luxury travellers and Star Wars cognoscenti, the resort is situated just outside the historic city. It’s an oasis of luxurious guest rooms and villas, blending Moorish and Berber influences, replete with modern comforts such as private pools and business as well as wellness centres. The rippling dunes and vast salt lakes of the Sahara are accessible by car or camel.

About an hour away are the iconic Star Wars sets built before the days of CGI. Visit Luke Skywalker’s home, where the saga began and ended 42 years apart; his father Anakin’s hometown and pod racing canyon; and the breathtaking rock formations featured in the films. Get there via a guided quad biking tour or a relaxing chauffeured 4 x 4 drive.
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Kyoto, famous for the old-world charm of its many temples and imperial palaces, welcomes a new hotel. The Park Hyatt Kyoto is located in one of the city’s best-preserved historic districts: Higashiyama.

This serene hillside retreat is within walking distance of several of the city’s Unesco World Heritage sites highlighting the well-preserved traditional architecture of the area.

The low-rise hotel also boasts classic Japanese architecture. On the grounds are a historic Edo-era teahouse and Japanese garden, and dining venues showcasing Japanese cuisine in all ways – from authentic breakfasts at The Living Room to craft spirits and sake at Cafe & Bar Kohaku, and a feast for the eyes and tummy at Kyoyamoto, a 142-year old kaiseki restaurant. 
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Hospitality and leisure company Belmond introduces yet another unique experience for travellers aboard the Belmond Hiram Bingham as the South American luxury train journey has been kitted out for Art in Motion, Peru edition.

It is the first train in South America with an art installation of illustrations by award-winning Peruvian artist Fito Espinosa, who has transformed the observation car.

However, the art isn’t limited to the locomotive’s exterior. Inspired by Peru’s landscapes, a new food menu puts a contemporary spin on traditional Peruvian flavours. In the bar, mixologist Aaron Diaz has curated an exclusive cocktail menu that celebrates Peru’s artisanal spirits.
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Travel in style and utmost privacy in the Aman private jet. This recently unveiled experience is an extension of acclaimed luxury hotel group Aman Resorts’ philosophy of ultimate comfort and privacy in travel. The Bombardier Global 5000 is one of the world’s most luxurious and spacious personal aircraft, and Aman guests have unlimited, customisable access, complete with the Aman Jet Concierge service. The Bombardier Global seats up to 12 and includes unique Aman touches such as an on-board tea ceremony. Guests can also choose to use the jet through curated journeys across some of its best known properties in Asia.