The Best Honeymoon Locales in Indonesia

From pristine beaches to scenic highlands and cultural experiences, Indonesia has an attraction for every type of honeymooning couple.

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For the dreamiest honeymoon islands, some places always top the list: the Maldives, Fiji and Seychelles. These destinations are usually swarming with tourists nearly all year round, and for good reason – they offer spectacular views and a range of activities.

But if you prefer a spot closer to home for your romantic getaway, with just as many activities and adventures (or sexy seclusion), then Indonesia is unbeatable. Lovebirds can choose from the white-sand beaches of Belitung, the magnificent backdrop of ancient Borobudur, the serene rice terraces of Ubud, and the lush rainforest resorts of Bandung.

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The island is a perennial crowd favourite, and it remains a huge draw for couples thanks to its serene beaches, dramatic volcanoes, traditional temples and exotic forests.

Bali has a heady mix of historic eateries and hipster cafes, speciality spas and boutique hotels. Seminyak is one of the island’s busiest and most tourist-friendly areas; Canggu and its beaches are hot; and the east coast offers serenity as well as black-sand beaches. Bali also offers exciting activities like volcano trekking, water sports and horse riding – perfect for the thrill-seeking couple.
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For a culturally enriching lover’s sojourn, look no further than Yogyakarta, home to Borobudur Temple, a Unesco World Heritage Site. A centre of Indonesian education, Yogyakarta is steeped in history. This is where you can immerse yourself in classical Javanese culture and fine arts such as shadow puppetry, batik painting, drama, ballet and poetry. Those who love to explore places on foot can also take an eco-tour of villages in Yogyakarta and the ruins at Taman Sari complex, or hike up the twin volcanoes, Merapi and Merbabu.
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This Indonesian island east of Sumatra is a relatively pristine destination that was once known for its mining industry, but is now touted as the alternative Bali thanks to its white-sand beaches, clear blue waters and distinctive granite boulders. You can dive, snorkel among coral reefs, explore the many surrounding islands, or be entranced by the turquoise waters of Kaolin Lake, a remnant of an old white-clay mining site. Also visit Tanjung Pandan, Belitung’s largest town, which retains its Dutch colonial architecture and also boasts local markets and an old Dutch fort. Wefie!
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Direct flights are available from Singapore to several cities in Indonesia, including Denpasar, Yogyakarta and Belitung.