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Guests can slow down and explore the incredible healing power of singing bowls and Himalayan salts now at The Retreat at The Sukhothai Shanghai.

Handcrafted singing bowls from Nepal are used for the 60-minute sound therapy, whoses primary goal is to restore the frequencies of the body, mind and soul. When the mallet strikes the bowl, every bone, organ and cell in the body reacts to those vibrations. The pure tones and harmonic overtones produced reset and re-tune the body’s energy fields.

Minerals and trace elements such as iron, calcium, zinc, potassium, silicon and more are found in  Himalayan pink salt. The pink salt body treatment encompasses three elements, a 90-minute body massage, 45-minute body scrub and 20-minute pink salt bath. This unique therapeutic treatment balances positive and negative ions, to reduce skin inflammation, replenish lost minerals, detoxify and nourish. Come experience the healing powers of the Himalayas at The Sukhothai Shanghai.

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