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TREATMENTS AT HARNN HERITAGE SPA Krungthep respectfully combine ancient Asian healing principles and techniques derived from Thailand, India, China and Japan. Holistic Ayurvedic healing, aromatherapy and natural therapeutic elements blend with modern practice in a tranquil atmosphere that oversees panoramic views over the city.

Every therapeutic session uses HARNN’s signature natural botanical products and the 14 tailored therapies take inspiration from Bangkok’s colourful vista. Three indulgent signature treatments are creatively named after the golden age of Siam.

Sukhothai Passage provides head-to-toe pampering in HARNN’s Herbal Tea Bath, with acupressure foot massage, Thai Massage and facial. The Ayudhya Passage starts with a herbal steam, skin purifying scrub and aromatic oil massage. Combat physical and mental fatigue during the Rattanakosin Passage, where acupressure foot massage and deep-tissue massage eases tensions and promotes energy flow. Submerge your senses and relaxing experience, rich with Oriental wisdom at HARNN Heritage Spa Krungthep.
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HARNN Heritage Spa Krungthep
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