Healing Harmonies

Music has a powerful impact on your brain and mental health. Recent studies prove it can help to…

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Music has a powerful impact on your brain and mental health. Recent studies prove it can help to…


Listening to music before, during and after surgery can improve recovery and reduce the need for post-operative pain medication.


When you’re feeling low, playing sad songs that make you teary can actually help you feel better because crying to music is calming, pleasurable and cathartic.


Listening to music for 12 minutes a day for three months could significantly enhance memory and cognitive performance in people with early memory loss.

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Download Your Therapist

Research says therapy apps can be just as effective as real-life therapists, which is great for managing your mental health. Try these apps for free:

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Available on the App Store and Google Play. Happify is a mobile game and journal, filled with curated tasks. Each task is designed to help you achieve your mental health goals step-by-step.

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Available on the App Store. Anxiety is one of the most common mental disorders, but this locally-created app aims to help people cope with that by helping to cultivate a sense of gratitude.

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7 Cups of Tea

Available on the App Store and Google Play. 7 Cups of Tea is perfect for those looking to start therapy or just need a place to vent. The app connects you with either certified therapists or regular folk who have been trained in active listening.


Instead, switch it for a zero-second rule. New research proves that while food does become more contaminated with germs the longer it’s in contact with the floor, bacteria jump aboard instantly. So, if food hits the floor – bin it immediately.

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Can’t sleep?

One in two people who have insomnia experience a significant improvement in their sleeping habits when they practise tai chi once a week. And if you do this for 12 weeks, the “sleep better” effect lasts for at least a year afterwards.

5 Minutes With…

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Linda Lee

Head of Communications for Southeast Asia and North Asia at LinkedIn

What counts for more in Singapore’s competitive job market: Experience or qualifications?

“According to new data, professionals in Singapore were most eager to showcase their experience and passion over the past year. LinkedIn analysed the most popular words in member profiles globally and found that professionals in Singapore highlighted work experience more prominently than official certifications last year. The word ‘certified’ – which was the seventh most common word in 2016 – was not among the top 20 last year.”

How can members improve their LinkedIn profiles to stand out to recruiters?

“Beyond using the right buzzwords to describe themselves, we encourage our members to stay engaged with their networks and establish a voice in their community. It’s important to stand out from the crowd by bringing out your authentic selves.”

What’s the single most important element of a job-seekers’ LinkedIn presence?

“Take pride in your online appearance. Help your ideal employer find you by ensuring your LinkedIn profile is complete and sells you in the best possible way, starting with the right profile picture, which makes your profile 21 times more likely to be viewed than others.”