A Cut Above The Rest

Picking the best kitchen tools and appliances is tricky, so let our awardwinning picks from this year’s Domestic Diva Awards help you decide!

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Picking the best kitchen tools and appliances is tricky, so let our awardwinning picks from this year’s Domestic Diva Awards help you decide!

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Dishing Out The Dirt

Best Dishwasher

Bosch Series 8 Dishwasher SMS88TI03E.

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Anti-Bacterial Cleaning

The HygienePlus option sustains a 70 c temperature for approximately 10 minutes of its rinse cycle, providing an anti-bacterial wash for items like baby bottles. Plus, choose from eight programmes with five special options for more targeted cleansing.

The Sound Of Silence

With its supersilence 44 dB noise reduction feature, the exceptionally quiet operation of this dishwasher means you won’t even notice when it’s running. At $3,299, from major electronic stores.

Energy-Saving Efficiency

Its processes consume very little energy, so your power usage is significantly reduced. it’s equipped with energysaving natural mineral Zeolith, which regenerates after each wash cycle and lasts for the life of your dishwasher.

Advanced Washing Technology

To ensure your dishes are brilliantly clean and properly dried, Bosch’s ActiveWater technology with its super 60 c Programme manages water distribution with improved filters, faster heating and increased pump output.

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Countertop Companion

Bosch Compact Table Top Dishwasher SKS62E22EU

This energy-efficient and economical compact dishwasher fits on your countertop, and requires just eight litres of water to get your dishes done in half the time! At $1,099.

Puree Perfection
Best Food Processor
Bosch MultiTalent 3 Food Processor MCM3501MGB.
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It Does It All

Whether you’re chopping onions, grating carrots, slicing lettuce or kneading dough, this versatile 800-watt food processor comes with a range of attachments and performs over 50 functions, making light work of tedious food preparation. it even grinds coffee and spices with ease!

Swift And Sharp

For perfect chopping results every time, the high quality MultiLevel6 knife with three double blades will slice and dice perfectly. At $349, from major electronic stores.

Dishwasher Friendly

Pop it in the dishwasher when you’re done – all the accessories are dishwasher-safe, which makes clean-up a breeze!

Easy Set Up And Storage

This compact machine isn’t complicated at all – smart markings on each unit let you mount accessories quickly and easily. Everything can then be stored in the main bowl after use, saving you precious cupboard space. 

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Give yourself a hand

Bosch Hand Blender MSM88160GB

With 12 speeds to choose from, including a turbo option, this powerful blender’s four-blade QuattroBlade Pro slicer helps you process everything from creams to soups and light batters with ease. At $249. 

A Baker’s Delight
Best Built-In Oven
Brandt 60 CM Built-In Pyrolytic Oven FP1067XS.
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Safe For Little Ones
The innovative inbuilt cool door surface never exceeds 65 c, as four thick sheets of glass provide insulation between the heated cavity and the door.

Easy To Operate

Equipped with six easy cook automatic programmes, simply select the type of dish you require, put it in the oven and let it manage all the cooking parameters for you.

It Self-Cleans
Let the oven clean itself while you focus on fixing the feast. it utilises high heat to get rid of grease and grime, so your oven will look as good as new when the pyrolytic self-cleaning technology has done its job. At $2,419, from major electronic retailers and dealers.

Extremely Versatile
Be it baking, broiling or roasting, take your pick from eight cooking positions to help you prepare your culinary creation. it also comes with two drip trays, two anti-tip safety grids and a turnspit! 
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A Moveable Feast

Brandt 40 L Portable Mini Oven FC405MHB.

This multi-function oven with a double-ventilated glass panel door does all the work of a full-sized one – except it can be moved to make room whenever you need more space. At $399 (available in black and white), from selected electronic dealers. 

Easy, Delightful Cooking 
Best Cookware (Non-Stick)
Happycall Ultimate IH Plasma Cookware Series.
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Excellent Durability

An integrated titanium, aluminium, and steel base ensures a more even distribution of heat with 90 per cent heat efficiency, so you can achieve the perfect sauté or sear effortlessly.

Coated With Quality Titanium

A highly durable premium titanium coating prevents food from sticking to the pan and is resistant to corrosion, so it lasts even longer. A special silica exterior coating also makes washing up a breeze.

Daily Professional Results

Being a domestic goddess has never been so easy. Whether you’re cooking for your family or hosting a dinner party for friends, this finest cookware series from Happycall is made in Korea and enables you to produce professional results in your very own kitchen. 

Versatile And Convenient

The range includes a frying pan, sauté pan and wok to cover all your needs for both Asian and Western cuisine, and is suitable for all types of stoves. From $188, from major department stores. 

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Bring It to the Table

Happycall Ultimate IH Plasma Induction Cooker.

Prepare a healthy and nutritious meal effortlessly with this energy-efficient induction cooker, which allows for precise control over temperature and cooking time. At $238. 


Present this page and receive a free ENDO (Japan) Black Titanium Scissors worth $39 when you purchase any Happycall Plasma Cookware at the following stores: Takashimaya, Tangs (Orchard), Isetan (Scott), Metro (Centrepoint).

Terms and conditions: Limited to the first 50 customers only. 

Homemade Is Best

Best Slow Juicer (Tie) 

Hurom Slow Juicer HAA-2600.

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Maximise Nutrition

Fitted with the 43 rpm ultem squeezing screw, its outstanding thermal resistance, strength and stiffness mean you can count on superior juice extraction without losing freshness and quality.

Goodbye, Blockage

Designed to reduce wastage and minimise residue, this juicer also comes with an ice-cream strainer and has increased outlet pressure to help expel leftover pulp smoothly, making the clean-up process super easy. At $888 in Black Gold, rose Gold and Ferrari red, from major department stores.

Watch It All Happen

Want to see your colourful juices from different ingredients combine? now you can – with the transparent hopper, you can easily keep an eye on the process from start to finish.

Slow And Steady

Its unique spinning brush rotates slowly, at just 17 rpm, to mix ingredients well and prevent unnecessary spillage while retaining optimum nutrients.

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More Ways To Juice up

Hurom Juicer HP1500

Perfect for a single serve, this 350 ml juicer is compact, energy efficient and packed with all the power you need to get the juice you want. at $648.

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Hurom Juicer HZ2500

This premium model features a sleek stainless steel finishing, and comes with an additional citrus squeezer for even more juicing possibilities. at $1,088.

Healthier Goodies  
Best Airfryer
Philips Avance Collection Airfryer XL HD9240/30.
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Cook For More People

Think the Airfryer can only handle small servings? Think again. This Airfryer is the upsized version, with a 1.2 kg cooking capacity that can feed up to five people in the family.

Intuitive And Easy To Upkeep

A digital touch screen allows easy interface while a smart preset button saves the settings of your favourite dish for convenient cooking. it is also easy to clean, and creates less smell and smoke than conventional fryers.

Less Oil, Less

Fat craving for fried food but not keen on the excess oil and fat? This Airfryer uses rapid Air Technology to fry your food with air, giving you great tasting goodies like fries with up to 80 per cent less fat*! *Compared to fresh fries prepared in a conventional Philips fryer.

It’s A Versatile

Cooker not only can you fry your food, but you can also grill, roast or even bake with it! everything comes out evenly cooked (crisp on the outside, and tender on the inside), all thanks to its enhanced power. At $439, from authorised electronics and departmental stores.

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Nice Rice

Philips Daily Collection Rice Cooker HD4514/60

Bring out the great taste of your rice with this cooker that comes with a smart FragrantTaste Technology to cook rice at a controlled optimum temperature. The result? A bowl of fluffy and fragrant rice that goes perfectly with any dish! At $119.

Maximum Juice 
Best Juicer
Philips Avance Collection Juicer HR1922/21.
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Fast & More Silent Machine

Equipped with a powerful 1200 W motor and a large XXL Feeding tube that allows you to juice whole fruits and vegetables, this juicer makes preparation effortless. Best of all, it creates lesser noise and vibration while juicing.

Keep Clean Before And After

A unique pre-clean function rinses out leftover pulp and liquid from your last juicing session, and Quickclean Technology ensures the polished sieve is easy to clean.

Choose Your Preferred Juice Texture

Whether you desire a glass of refreshing clear juice, or thicker and creamier juice with more fibre, this juicer can handle your choice thanks to its FibreBoost technology. You can make juices with up to 50 per cent more fibre!

No More Dripping

Need to do other chores in between your juicing sessions? simply turn the sprout on the integrated Dripstop to stop any dripping and keep your kitchen tabletop clean. Pulp is all collected in one container for convenient disposal. At $299, from authorised electronics and departmental stores.

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Cook & BLend

Philips Avance Collection Cooking Blender HR2099/90

Let this multifunctional machine make fast work of your soups, smoothies and sauces as it blends and heats with four preset automatic cooking programmes. Check out the chef-selected recipes which come with it. At $399.

Fresh Homemade Noodles
Best Noodle Maker
Philips Avance Collection Noodle Maker HR2365/05.
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Make Noodles In Just 10 Minutes

Create authentic, fresh-tasting noodles at home in 10 minutes – it’s that fast! All thanks to the noodle Maker’s 360 degree extrusion technology which allows quick kneading and extruding of your noodles.

Easy To Use And Clean

Store all the shaping mouths of the noodle Maker in a nifty smart drawer. it also comes with measuring cups to help you gauge the flour and water ratio, and a special cleaning kit to help you clean the shaping discs easily.

Customise The Taste

You Want Want your noodles bouncier or slightly more chewy? You can with the noodle Maker’s adjustable kneading time, which lets you choose how long to knead the noodles. You can also add various ingredients like eggs, vegetables or juices to create different flavoured noodles.

A Healthier Choice

Because the noodle Maker yields fresh noodles that you can ensure are made from only 100 per cent natural ingredients, you always serve up healthier noodle dishes. Plus, you can adjust the amount of salt and sugar used. At $319, from authorised electrical or departmental stores.

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Induction Programme

Philips Daily Collection Induction Cooker HD4911/62.

Cook with all the nutrients of your food sealed in, thanks to this induction cooker which comes with five healthy cooking menus and power levels, coupled with a fast cooking time. At $119. 

Drink Up To Good Health
Best Water Pitcher
StarWellness Crystal Glass Water Pitcher.
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Enjoy a hassle-free way to hydrate and re-charge yourself as this pitcher filters tap water, meaning no boiling is required! its hinged tab also opens automatically upon sensing water flow pressure, so you can easily refill the pitcher without having to fiddle with the lid.

Healthier Hydration On The Go

Its antioxidant-rich Alkaline pH+ Filter lets you enjoy a host of health benefits with clean, filtered water that also tastes better anytime, anywhere.

High Quality Glass Design

Made from iso 3585 standard Borosilicate glass in Poland which has high thermal and chemical resistance, its compact design fits right into modern spaces. its ergonomic handle makes for a solid grip, while a non-slip base keeps it well anchored on countertops. At $109, from major department stores.

Intelligent Filter Change Indicator

Equipped with a built-in LED filter change sensor, its intelligent indicator detects motion and alerts you when it is time to change the filter. 

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More ways to embrace water wellness

StarWellness Star 5 Alkaline Water Ionizer

This device uses electrolysis to give you alkaline Ionized Water that restores your body’s pH level and detoxes from within. at $2,489.

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StarWellness Anions Shower Filter

Filter out chlorine and other harmful substances in tap water and enjoy a spa-like experience with this shower filter. at $95.

Sealed-In Freshness

Best Thermal Cooker

Thermos ® Shuttle Chef ® TCRA-4500 in Clear Stainless.

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Reliable Heat Retention System

Using its Thermos vacuum insulation technology, this 4.5 L thermal cooker uses ® residual heat from the inner pot to continue cooking your food, or keeping it warm even when you’re out of the house.

An Enduring Name

This trusted bestseller is renowned for introducing the world to thermal cookers in 1989, and continues to provide home cooks and their families with a hassle-free, energy-efficient solution for keeping cooked food fresh longer. At $290, from major department stores.

Contemporary, Premium Design

Available in a stylish stainless steel finish, its improved exterior coating is more resistant to unsightly scratches, while a removable hinge makes for easy cleaning. The inner pot lid also sits comfortably on the outer lid’s gasket.

Easy Portable

Meals Perfect for busy individuals, each pot comes with an upgraded grip handle that keeps the outer pot securely lidded to prevent unwanted spills or leakage. This lets you enjoy a warm and comforting meal, no matter where you are.

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For your convenience

Thermos ® JNL-500 Ultra-Light One-Push Tumbler.

Stay well hydrated with this ultralightweight 0.5 L flask that opens with a single push of a button. Comes in four colours. At $49.

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Thermos ® SK3000 Stainless Steel King Food Jar.

A double wall vacuum insulation helps keep your food fresh and the container cool, even if you’re putting hot food in. At $59.

A Cut Above
Best Knives (Everyday)
WMF Spitzenklasse Wooden Edition.
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Premium Quality

Forged with rust-resistant and acid-resistant specialty blade steel in Germany, these high- grade knives feature state-of-theart Performance Cut technology for longer-lasting sharpness. The sleek, jointless workmanship between blade and handle makes for easy cleaning and more sanitary usage.

Trusted Brand

This special 1985 edition with olive wood handles commemorates over 30 years of this top-performing knife range beloved by home cooks and chefs worldwide. At $399, from major department stores.

Fits Like A Glove

Featuring ergonomic, rounded handles made of high-quality olive wood that perfectly balances the blades’ weight, these knives sit comfortably in your hand to give you better grip and control. 


The set includes a highly versatile Chef Knife for all your slicing and dicing, a Bread Knife with a patented double-serrated blade for perfectly even slices, and a handy Utility Knife that does everything else from shredding vegetables to filleting meat. 

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Stick to This

WMF Magnetic Knife Rack.

Easily access and store your blades with this handy magnetic rack made of highquality wood that can be used for any type of knife! At $229.

The Heat Is On
Best Pressure Cooker
WMF NATURamic Pressure Cooker.
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Traps Flavour And Nutrients

A hermetically sealed lid preserves vitamins, minerals and the full flavours of your ingredients for healthier, tastier and more aromatic food.

Brightens Up The Kitchen

Comes in chic red, green and yellow shades in three sizes, to bring life and character to your cooking space! From $449, from major department stores.

Convenient And Easy-To-Use

Enjoy delicious homecooked meals faster: Quick and even heat distribution cuts cooking time by 70 per cent and saves energy too. Its simple one-touch dial system and detachable handle means it’s simple to use and clean.

Technologically Advanced

Made with long-lasting natural ceramic fused with a steel core, this high-tech pressure cooker from Germany is also nickel-free, so it’s suitable for preparing a range of dishes, including baby food. 

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WMF NATURamic Fresh Bowl.

Available in yellow, green and red, easily prep, serve and store food with these stackable ceramic containers that come with an airtight lid to keep food fresh longer. From $59.

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