If you're houseproud and love to entertain at home, you'll want the very best for your family and guests!

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If you're houseproud and love to entertain at home, you'll want the very best for your family and guests! Turn the page to find out how our award-winning food, pantry essentials, home appliances and kitchen tools will wow everyone
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Brandt Multifunction Plus Pyrolytic Oven with AutoCook BXP6577X

Licence To Grill

For delicious and immaculate roasts, bakes and grilled dishes, you’ll need an intelligent oven that’s designed for nothing less. This state-of-the-art unit by renowned French appliance maker, Brandt, lets you cut down on your cooking time with nine preset autocook functions. All you have to do is select your preferred programme and the oven takes care of everything else – from cooking time to temperature setting – helping you achieve a beautifullycooked dish every time.

Safety features include the cool door which is safe to touch even during cooking and pyrolysis, and its soft close function ensures the door won’t slam on your fingers. Finally, its exclusive PyroExpress function uses residual cooking heat to thoroughly self-clean in just 59 minutes, instead of the traditional two-hour cycle. Talk about saving time and the environment! At $2,419.

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Brandt 45-cm Steam Oven BKV6132X
Make healthy eating a breeze with this steam oven, designed to match your Brandt built-in oven. Use its preset recipes to serve up fresh and flavourful dishes every day. At $2,099.
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Brandt 45-cm Steam Oven BKV6132X
Make healthy eating a breeze with this steam oven, designed to match your Brandt built-in oven. Use its preset recipes to serve up fresh and flavourful dishes every day. Brandt 30-cm Two Zone Induction Hob BPI6210B Ideal for petite kitchens, turn your culinary dreams into reality with this compact-sized induction hob that’s easy to use, with even heating and safe cooking features. At $1,399.At $2,099.
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Brandt appliances are available at all leading electronics dealers and retailers. Website: 

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WINNER: Chee Seng 100% Pure White

Sesame Oil Flavour Up Your Meals

Make your family fall in love with your cooking even more with this star product of homegrown brand Chee Seng. A high quality sesame oil made for everyday cooking needs, their 100% Pure White Sesame Oil is produced using top grade sesame seeds which are carefully selected to undergo a specialised roasting and press process.

Part of the company’s range of oils which include Shallot Oil and Ginger Oil, the Sesame Oil is stocked in more than 28 countries across Asia, Europe and America. It’s easy to see why the versatile oil is popular worldwide: Aromatic, healthy and tasty, it is a convenient way for home cooks to add flavour to any meal prepped at home. Just snap off the tag on the cap and pour to use for marinades, sauces, stir-frying, in soups or simply as a vinaigrette dressing for salads. At $4.50 (320 ml).


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Double Pagoda Virgin Coconut Oil
Made from fresh coconuts, this cholesterol- and trans fat-free oil is said to offer many benefits, including boosting immunity and improving digestion. At $10 (250 ml).
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Double Pagoda Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
Like the company’s other coconut oil products, this variant is produced through the same unique patented cold extraction technology to retain antioxidants. At $18 (250 ml).
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Chee Seng oil is available at major supermarkets and Double Pagoda oils are available at RedMart.

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WINNER: Dancing Chef Padang Rendang Paste

Rendang So Sedap

Bonding with your loved ones over homecooked food is easy, especially with Dancing Chef’s ready-made pastes. With a variety of 19 cooking pastes, from five different kinds of cuisine – Singaporean, Chinese, Indian, Indonesian and Thai – you can make all kinds of delicious and hearty daily meals for the family or for special celebratory feasts.

The halal-certified pastes are all made without any MSG, preservatives, artificial flavourings and colourings. Bonus: At the back of each pouch there is an easy-to-follow recipe that you can use the paste for! Top of the range is the Padang Rendang Paste. One of the most popular West Sumatran dishes, this dry simmered meat curry is made with coconut, spices and herbs – your dishes cooked with it come out tasting rich, flavourful and authentic! At $2.95 (100 g).

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Dancing Chef Indonesian Curry Paste
Savour the exotic flavours of the Spice Islands with this thick, rich curry made from an aromatic blend of spices. Try the recipe on the back of the pack or mix with the Padang Rendang Paste for a unique curry dish. At $2.95 (100 g).
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Dancing Chef Hainanese Chicken Rice Paste
Want to whip up a national dish of Singapore? Try Hainanese Chicken Rice! Make the delicious local favourite easily (and impress your folks) with this paste made with pandan leaf, chicken stock and garlic. At $2.95 (100 g).
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Dancing Chef products are available at major supermarkets.

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WINNER: Dynamo Power Gel Detergent

A Perfect Clean

Ever wonder why your freshly laundered clothing still smells musty? Musty smells cannot just be masked by a fragrant detergent; they are often caused by invisible leftover stains that breed bacteria when exposed to excess moisture, which is particularly prevalent when you dry your clothes indoors. To remove musty smells for good, you need a powerful deterrent.

Enter Dynamo Power Gel Detergent, a potent liquid formula which effectively exterminates bacteria by tackling even the most stubborn invisible stains. Its powerful seven-ingredient stains and germs removal technology gets right to the root of the problem. A trusted brand in Singaporean households, let Dynamo eliminate mustiness, while keeping your clothing immaculately laundered.

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Dynamo Perfect Clean Powder Detergent
Dynamo detergents are also available in powder form to effectively get rid of dirt and bacteria without leaving residue on your clothes.
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Downy Sunrise Fresh Concentrated Fabric Softener
Enhance your laundry results with Downy Concentrated Fabric Softener, which neutralises malodours and features a unique easy iron technology.
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Dynamo and Downy products are available on RedMart and at all leading supermarkets. 

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WINNER: Happycall IH Vacuum Die Cast Pots with Self- Standing Lid

One-Pot Wonder

Strapped for time? These one-touch, low-pressure cooking pots not only cook up to 50 per cent faster than regular pots, they also intensify taste and lock in more flavour and nutrients, while preserving food’s freshness. These vacuum-sealed pots reduce energy consumption and are highly resistant to scratches, thanks to a premium three-layer Hi-Tech Pure Ceramic coating on the interior and exterior. Each see-through Self-Standing Glass Lid also allows for easy monitoring throughout the cooking process, while the sliding handle lock enhances cooking speeds and prevents spills.

Ideal for all stoves including induction, gas and electric, whip up healthier, more luscious meals with these hybrid pots in a much shorter time than previously required. Comes in four sizes: 2.8 L, 2.9 L, 4.6 L and 9 L, in Satin Blue and Red. From $89 to $290.
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Happycall “Axlerim Z” Ultimate High Speed Power Blender
From sorbets to soups, this machine does nearly everything. Powered by a Super uAC motor which stays cool to touch, its 4.75 horsepower blender blasts 500 rounds per second, and “Self Cleaning” mode makes cleaning a breeze. Available in matte black and cool white. At $999.
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Happycall products are available at leading department stores. Website: 

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WINNER: Karihome Goat Milk Growing-Up Formula

Good For Growth

Your children deserve the best nutrition to aid in their development. With this growing-up milk formula for kids aged between one to three years old, give them all the nourishment they need for healthy growth.

Manufactured in New Zealand – the kingdom of the best dairy products – Karihome Goat Milk Growing-Up Formula is packed with nourishing goodness while containing less -S1 casein compared to cow milk.

Drawn from free-grazing goats, their nutritious milk contains natural bioactives, such as polyamines and nucleotides, which build up the immune system, and AA and DHA, which are essential nutrients for brain development. Goat milk is also broken down more easily than cow milk, aiding in better digestion. At $53.40 (900 g).
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Karihome Goat Milk Follow-On Formula
Fortified with vitamins and minerals, this formula contains nutrients that are balanced to help support your child’s overall development. At $26.70 (400 g).
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Karihome Assorted Milk Sweeties
Made from milk powder, these nutritious tablets are a delicious treat for young kids who can chew. Also available in Chocolate, Blueberry, Strawberry and Yoghurt. At $19.40 (200 pieces).
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Karihome milk products are available at major supermarkets, medical halls, pharmacies, RedMart and Prime Now.

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WINNER: KDK N30NH Standing Fan

Easy Breezy

A trusty fan is a must-have for keeping your indoors cool and comfortable, especially in hot and humid Singapore. As a top leader of fan technology for over a century, KDK has won families over with its reliability, high safety standards, great performance and whisper-quiet technology. Their N30NH standing fan is one of the slimmest standing fans in the market, and boasts a flat back so it can fit into the tightest of spaces.

This standing fan’s fluctuating wind pattern simulates a light and gentle breeze for an extra-comforting and refreshing feel. Use the remote control to choose your preferred speed from the comforts of your bed or couch. The fan stands tall at 105 cm and can be adjusted down to 91 cm. Available in a cool metallic bronze or premium gold finishing. At $179.
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KDK U48FP Ceiling Fan
Sleep better with the sleep mode function on this remote-controlled ceiling fan, which changes speeds during an eight-hour programme to keep the environment comfortable and save energy. Available in black and white. At $498.
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KDK W56WV Ceiling Fan

Designed for homes with low ceilings, it features a special drop design length of just 206 mm, while its 3D blade design provides strong and smooth air flow, with nine different speed settings. At $380.

From Nov 1 to Dec 31, 2018, quote “womensweekly10” to enjoy a 10 per cent discount on all items on KDK’s website, except spare parts (excluding delivery charges).
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KDK products are available at Capital Distributors’ authorised dealers. Website:

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WINNER: Kerrygold Naturally Softer Pure Irish Butter – Spreadable

Smooth And Creamy

Add yummy wholesomeness to your breakfast sandwiches or teatime toasts with Kerrygold butter. Using milk from grass fed cows, the Irish brand crafts its products with care and expertise built upon thousands of years of dairymaking experience and tradition.

Of its range of 100 per cent natural dairy goods, the Kerrygold Naturally Softer Pure Irish Butter is a must-try. Produced with high grade milk which contains softer milkfat, the butter is rich in the antioxidant beta carotene that not only gives it a distinct golden colour and flavour, but also makes it a nutritious and healthy addition to your diet.

Specially churned to make it softer and creamier, this hormone-free spread is easier to smooth onto bread than natural butter and adds extra taste to any homemade sammie.
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Kerrygold Reserve Cheddar
Carefully cultivated and graded for quality, this speciality cheese has a smooth body and rich, rounded flavour, making it a delectable serving as slices for crackers, grated seasoning over salads or sprinkled topping on a hot dish.
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Kerrygold Pure Irish Butter
Free from artificial colouring and flavourings, this premium natural butter is a multi-purpose dairy hero – get a slab of this to use for your daily spread, or as a baking or cooking ingredient.
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Kerrygold products are available at all major supermarkets. Exclusively distributed by Angliss Singapore Pte Ltd.

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WINNER: Knife 100% Pure Rice Bran Oil

Trusted Cooking Staple

Whip up a storm in the kitchen without worrying about your family’s health with this versatile cooking oil. Introduced by Knife, a household brand beloved by generations since 1948 for its wholesome family-friendly products, the Knife 100% Pure Rice Bran Oil is cholesterol- and trans fat-free, suitable for vegetarians and halal-certified.

But this is what makes the oil top of the range: Gamma Oryzanol. The oil contains a high level of this powerful natural antioxidant – extracted from the germ and inner husk of rice grains – said to aid in the fight against free radicals, which is known to cause health problems like cancer and cardiovascular diseases. Light and delicately flavoured, it’s suited for all kinds of food preparation, whether stir-fry or deep fry, or for tossing up a salad. Available in 2 L and 5 L bottles.

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Knife Authentic Thai Fish Sauce (Reduced Salt)
Change up your soy sauce for this fish sauce that’s made with less salt, to add a healthier yet tangy flavour to your daily fare. Available in 300 ml and 750 ml bottles.
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Knife Thai Dipping Sauce
Fire up your taste buds with this rich and intense, spicy and sour Thai-style condiment. Try this as a dipping sauce, seasoning and marinade for your seafood, steamboat or grilled meat feasts. Available in 170 g bottle.
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Knife products are available at supermarkets and grocery stores.

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WINNER: The Laughing Cow Cheez Dippers – Original

Healthy Snacks On The Go

Modern families today need all the energy they can get to keep up with their daily activities. The Laughing Cow’s Cheez Dippers provide both nourishment and convenience, packaged in compact tubs that are easy to carry around, open and serve as healthy nibbles, anytime, anywhere.

Founded in 1921, the French brand is renowned in more than 120 countries, with some ten million servings of its cheeses reportedly consumed every day. Its Cheez Dippers are especially loved by families and children. Each individually wrapped tub contains crunchy breadsticks and smooth cheese, making it a handy tidbit to have on hand for hungry kids, saving you time and effort in preparing for outings. It’s a healthier snack solution, too – fibre from the cereal breadsticks plus calcium and vitamin D found in the cheese dip provide nutrition, packed into delicious pick-me-ups. At $5.30 (140 g).

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The Laughing Cow 8 Portions – Plain
One of the most popular cheese spreads in the world, this pack comes in eight extra creamy spreadable wedges. Each morsel is a delectable snack with a dose of calcium. At $3.85 (120 g).
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The Laughing Cow Belcube Cheese Spread – Plain
Individually wrapped bite-sized cubes of cheese that make for easy-peasy snacking. They are great as moreish treats before and after main meals. At $5.80 (24 cubes).
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The Laughing Cow cheese products are available at major supermarkets.

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WINNER: Laurastar Pulse (Anniversary Edition)

The Perfect Touch

Keep your clothes looking as new with this state-of-the-art Swiss iron. Launched in a glamorous new colour exclusively for Laurastar’s 35th anniversary, this userfriendly ironing system features an active board equipped with a pulse steam system which automatically releases short intermittent bursts of hygienic steam at high temperatures to deeply penetrate and purify fabrics. It has been proven* to destroy allergens, including 99.999 per cent bacteria, 99.9 per cent fungi and 100 per cent dust mites that resist warm wash cycles of 40 degrees, and prevent them from multiplying.

Its 3D soleplate has a special coating to ensure heat is moderated well so your clothes don’t end up with shiny patches or fading spots, while eliminating creases. Its ironing board cover is also designed to cope with very high temperatures – ensuring you get professionally-pressed results right at home.

*Scientific test carried out by Scitec Research SA laboratory in Switzerland.
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Laurastar Lift Steam Generator
Give your clothes an instant refresh with this mobile standing steam generator. It diffuses ultra-fine steam at 150 degree Celsius to purify the fabric while neutralising bad odours and killing germs.
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Laurastar Smart Iron
This new smart iron senses the movements you make while ironing and releases steam automatically, while the board cover is designed with lines so you know exactly where to place your clothes for a better press and fold.
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Laurastar appliances are available at leading electronics and department stores. Website:

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WINNER: MaLing Pork Luncheon Meat

Savoury And Satisfying

Bona fide meat lovers would know what the MaLing brand stands for: Full-bodied flavour, high quality ingredients and a tried-and-true taste whenever you need to add more meatiness to your meals. As the Number 1* best-selling canned luncheon meat brand in Singapore, it’s the convenient go-to for comfort food; the slab can be easily eaten straight from the can without fuss.

The best thing? You can have this at home in many ways: Sliced for sandwiches, cubed for noodles and rice, or even fried as a tasty snack to have on its own. For healthier cooking preparation, slice the luncheon meat into thin sticks and use an airfryer to make luncheon meat fries. Whichever way you choose to have it, you are always in for a treat! At $2.85 (397 g).

*Top 8 Brands Singapore Modern Trade (Supermarkets & Hypermarkets and Convenience Stores & Petrol Marts), Total Canned Luncheon Meat & Spam Segment, Nielsen MAT August 18.
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Narcissus Whole Mushrooms
Impress house guests with these preservative-free champignons. Made from fresh and premium grade mushrooms, you can bake delish bruchettas with them or add them into hearty soups. At $1.65 (425 g).
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Yifon Longans in Syrup
Open a can of these premium large-sized longans – packed fresh from Thailand without any preservatives – for a yummy snack anytime of the day. Juicy and succulent, they are perfect in your desserts or drinks. At $2.25 (565 g).
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Ma Ling, Narcissus and Yifon products are available at major supermarkets and minimarts.

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WINNER: Naturel Organic 100% Brown Rice Fusilli

Wholesome Wholegrains

Want a healthy option beyond white rice and regular wheat pasta? Then try Naturel’s Organic Gluten Free 100% Brown Rice Fusilli! As part of the brand’s Organic Gluten Free Pasta range, it is higher in wholegrains – just one serving of this makes up 250 per cent of your daily wholegrain requirement.

Wholegrains help to prevent the body’s absorption of “bad” cholesterol, lower blood pressure and regulate blood sugar level, which can lead to a lowered risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Another plus: Brown rice contains dietary fibre so you can go about the day feeling fuller for longer without snacking – a great choice if you’re watching your weight.
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Naturel Organic Pasta Sauce – Tomato With Mascarpone
Made with organically grown single-source Italian tomatoes and quality mascarpone cheese, a bottle of this can instantly turn your plain pasta into an Italian masterpiece.
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Naturel Organic Basil Pesto Sauce
Enjoy the flavours of pesto in this pasta sauce! Free from artificial colouring and flavouring, this multi-tasker can also be used for all kinds of dishes including pastas, pizzas, salads, and more.
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Naturel products are available at major supermarkets.

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WINNER: Naturel Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Antioxidant-Rich Oil

Not all oils are made equal. Casein-point: Naturel Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Cold pressed from single-source Spanish olives, it has a high level of monounsaturated fats that reportedly lowers bad cholesterol. It’s also packed with natural antioxidants that is known to help lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease.

While the oil is cholesterol and trans fat-free, and contains no added preservatives, it is chock-full of taste. Which means, health benefits aside, its smooth, full-bodied taste makes food more delectable. Simply use the oil as a dip, salad dressing, or just drizzle over your favourite Italian or pan-fried dishes for a dose of aromatic fruitiness and nutrients.
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Naturel Basil Flavoured Extra Virgin Olive Oil
This herb-flavoured olive oil not only gives your food a flavourful punch and nice fragrance, but it’s also good for health as it contains antioxidants. Best for adding to salads and pastas!
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Naturel Extra Virgin Olive Oil with White Truffle (Spray)
Enjoy the earthiness of white truffle blended with the delicate spiciness of olives – drip, stream or spray from this bottle to add gastronomic pleasure to any dish.
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Naturel products are available at major supermarkets.

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WINNER: Nestlé Fitnesse Original

Nutrition For Success

To achieve your goals in your daily life, you need good nutrition to keep you going. What better way to wake up every morning than with an energising bowl of Nestlé Fitnesse Original. Containing over 75 per cent whole grains, this yummy cereal is packed with B-vitamins and folic acid to give you nutritious energy for the day.

Even better, the new Nestlé Fitnesse Original now comes with improved nutritional value, including fibre from the addition of wholegrain oats. These flavourful flakes not only keep you full for longer, but they ensure that you are getting the necessary nutritional boost to empower you for a successful day. At RSP $6.70 (375 g).

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Nestlé Fitnesse Granola
Kickstart your morning with a nutritious dose of vitamins B2, B3, B5 and B6 when you treat yourself to tasty baked granola made with wholegrain oats, pumpkin seeds and cranberries. At RSP $6.25 (300 g).
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Nestlé Cheerios Multigrain
Packed with vitamins, calcium and iron, this family favourite contains five whole grains and is fortified with vitamin D. It’s also one of the few Healthier Choice cereals in Singapore! At RSP $5.65 (300 g).
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Nestlé cereals are available at all major supermarkets.

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WINNER: Perrier ® Sparkling Natural Mineral Water

Bubbly Aqua

Want more than just a basic bottle of water to cool you down, but don’t want the extra sugars, artificial colouring and flavourings? Then Perrier ® Sparkling Natural Mineral Water is your go-to. Bottled at the source in Vergeze, France, it is pure yet fizzy, making it a healthy alternative to carbonated beverages.

What really makes this a star product of the renowned sparkling water French brand is its versatility. It’s an elegant lifestyle drink of choice – enjoy Perrier ® chilled at 12 C, mixed as a party cocktail, or stirred with cucumber strips, lime slices or mint leaves as a subtletasting soda – perfect for cooling off on a hot day! At $2.35 (330 ml).

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Perrier ® Pink Grapefruit
If grapefruit tastes too sour for you, try this rendition that comes with a hint of citrus to satisfy your taste buds and thirst, without curling your toes. At $2.95 (500 ml).
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Perrier ® Strawberry
The light yet distinctive taste of the original – derived from the water’s unique, low sodium and bicarbonate content – is elevated with the delicate taste of the sweet fruit, minus the added calories of a soft drink. At $2.35 (330 ml).
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Perrier ® is available at all major supermarkets.
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WINNER: Philips Avance Collection Airfryer XXL HD9654/91

Crispy Goodness

Your family now can now enjoy the crispiness of fried food with little or no oil. The Philips Avance Collection Airfryer XXL takes the guilt out of enjoying family favourites like nuggets, fried chicken and more as it cooks using the latest Twin TurboStar technology that keeps hot air moving like a powerful tornado, frying with up to 90 per cent less fat, but still delivering the delicious deep-fried taste. Plus, the grill pan has a pierced surface to allow excess fat to drip so there’s no greasy clean-up after, and your house stays smelling fresh.

What’s more, this advanced model also lets you roast, bake and grill foods with ease, giving you more options for healthier meals. Its extra-extra-large capacity can also fit an entire chicken, making this kitchen machine ideal for parties and large family meals. At $599.
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Philips Premium Collection Multicooker HD2145/62
Pressure or slow cook, sauté, bake and sear at ease with this all-inone cooker that whips up meals six times faster than the previous model. Its dual control system manages the temperature so your meals are cooked to perfection every time. At $469.
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Philips Daily Collection Airfryer Misty Dawn HD9218/30
This airfryer circulates hot air around a metal mesh cooking basket, using little or no oil as it fries, bakes and grills. Its elegant Misty Dawn exterior adds colour to your countertop too. At $299.
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Philips appliances are available from leading electronics dealers and department stores. Website: 

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WINNER: Royal Umbrella Thai Hom Mali Rice

Top Quality Kernels

White rice is an important food staple, so it is only right to put the best on your family table. You won’t do any better than with Royal Umbrella Thai Hom Mali Rice, a top-tier product of the brand’s Good Agriculture Practices (GAP) Plus programme – the grains sourced are quality controlled and cultivated through environmentallyfriendly processes and sold at a fair market price. A team of experienced and knowledgeable rice specialists is assigned to work closely with paddy field farmers – the rice even undergoes DNA-testing to ensure its authenticity.

What results is a long grain rice with a natural, nutty aroma and refined pandan-like flavour. Cooked well, these narrow white strong grains will end up fluffy and fragrant, with the grains staying separate, making it perfect for a fried rice recipe. At $15.80 (5 kg).
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Royal Umbrella Thai Hom Mali New Crop Rice
This premium variant is specially stored in temperature-controlled silo, milled fresh and vacuum packed, so that when cooked, it is softer in texture than other varieties. At $16.20 (5 kg).
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Royal Umbrella Natural Short Grain Rice
Try using this for Korean or Japanese cuisine or making sushi – it’s competitively priced with Japanese rice but is just as soft and sticky after it’s cooked. At $9 (2 kg).
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Royal Umbrella products are available at major supermarkets and minimarts.

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WINNER: SKIPPY ® Squeeze – Creamy Peanut Butter

Easy-Peasy Fun PB

Yes, it is possible to assemble a sandwich for your kid’s school lunch or pack for a family picnic without hassle. Consider the SKIPPY ® Squeeze – Creamy Peanut Butter as a design upgrade to a family favourite – the taste is just as rich, but the peanut butter is packaged in a new, innovative pouch to make it easier to enjoy.

The squeezy pack allows you to dispense the goopy delight without making a mess (no more sticky fingers or cleaning up of knives), and is so simple to use that even kids can try it and have fun while doing so. Plus, the soft but durable pack lets you bring it out anywhere as a convenient spread on hand while you’re on the go.
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SKIPPY ® Creamy Peanut Butter
What makes this a perennial snack-time hit with children (and grownups too): It’s smooth, creamy, buttery and oh-so-yummy.
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SKIPPY ® Chunky Peanut Butter
Need more crunch to your morning toast? A jar of this will make your day – loaded with real peanut bits, it adds extra scrumptious taste to an already super-nutty flavour.
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SKIPPY ® is available at all major supermarkets and selected online retailers.
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WINNER: UFC Refresh 100% Coconut Water

Natural Hydration

Cool down after a workout – or whenever the tropical heat’s getting to you – by opting for a healthier drink with no sugar added. UFC Refresh 100% Coconut Water has no added fl avour, colour or additives, making it a 100 per cent natural thirst quencher.

Made from fresh coconuts grown in Thailand’s “coconut belt” areas where the best coconuts are cultivated, the beverage has a unique fl avour thanks to the high salinity of the waters found there. What’s more, the fruit-nut-seed (yes, it is all three) is fat-free, cholesterolfree, dairy-free and gluten-free, making this coconut water a worry-free drink if you are watching your diet. It’s a great way to rehydrate whenever there’s a need to quickly replenish lost body fluids and minerals. Available in 500 ml and 1 L pack sizes.


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UFC Velvet Almond Milk – Original
Vegan, lactose intolerant or simply allergic to dairy? Try this nutritious low-calorie alternative made with Australian whole almonds and fortified with natural marine plant-based calcium that’s good for your bones, too. Available in Unsweetened variant.
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UFC Refresh 100% Watermelon Water
Extracted from Thai Kinnaree watermelons, this beverage hydrates your body without any added sugar, and nourishes with the natural antioxidant lycopene and amino acids. Available in 500 ml and 1 L pack sizes.
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UFC products are available at supermarkets, minimarts and convenience stores.

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WINNER: WMF Perfect 6.5L Pressure Cooker

Fast And Flavourful

Making tasty and quick meals is so much easier with this efficient pressure cooker. Using high pressure and temperatures, the WMF Perfect 6.5L Pressure Cooker saves you more time and uses 50 per cent less energy by whipping up your feasts up to 70 per cent faster.

Ideal for preparing any cuisine you fancy – be it meat and fish, grains and pulses, soups, stews, and vegetables – you can count on this mean machine to do the job while preserving essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

Made in Germany with quality Cromargan stainless steel 18/10 with a TransTherm universal base, this versatile all-rounder suits all cooktops, including induction stoves. With this functional kitchen helper, you can serve up delicious and healthy meals in a jiffy. From $299.
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WMF Fusiontec Cookware
Made in Germany, this new scratch- and rust-resistant range of premium ceramic cookware includes a special iron steel core that is fused with natural minerals, for excellent cooking performance. Comes in four colours. From $229.
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WMF Iconic Cutlery Set
Spruce up your table and dine in fine style with designer spoons, forks and knives that come in an eye-catching display box made of quality stainless steel and acrylic. At $999.
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WMF products are available at all major departmental stores. The Iconic Cutlery set is only available at Takashimaya S.C., TANGS at Tang Plaza and Robinsons the Heeren. Website: