Show your family how much you care by packing their closet with bright and clean clothes.

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Love means making sure your near and dear ones are clad in smart attire so they can look sharp at all times. That means having clean clothing that is ready to go every day – which can be a tall order if you have a big family or active kids.

If the thought of tackling those mountains of sweat-soaked shirts and soiled socks sounds daunting, fret not. With Electrolux’s 9kg UltimateCare 500 Washing Machine and 9kg Heat Pump Dryer, getting the piles of laundry done is as easy as pie!
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"EWF9025BQWA” (Electrolux 9kg UltimateCare 500 Washing Machine)"

WASH IT – The Electrolux 9kg UltimateCare 500 Washing Machine is an efficient front-load washer with a 3XL door for easy loading that can handle a large volume with its 9kg capacity, so fewer loads can still get the job done. This means more time for you to spend with the family.

It also eradicates 99.9 per cent of germs and allergens while being gentle on delicate fabrics like wools. Powered by Vapour Care Technology, each wash ends off with a gentle whoosh of vapour so your clothes come out with fewer wrinkles, reducing the need for laborious ironing.

Set your wash cycle by selecting one of its eight washing programmes, then go ahead and take a nap – it is so quiet you can sleep while it works! That is because this appliance comes with a motor that uses inverter technology, making its operation virtually silent with less vibrations while being 22 per cent more energyefficient than non-inverter motors.
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"EDH3497RDW (Electrolux 9kg Heat Pump Dryer)"

DRY IT – Once your laundry is done, dry your clothes with the Electrolux 9kg Heat Pump Dryer which is designed to be kind to fabrics (as well as your energy bills!). Its innovative Heat Pump dries your clothes at a lower temperature and uses 50 per cent less energy than traditional dryers while its EcoFlow filter maintains good airflow, allowing for efficient drying with lower energy consumption.

To preserve the quality of your clothes, its Smart Sensor adjusts drying time – with the help of humidity sensors – for exactly the right amount of care without overdrying. The drum also rotates in both directions to reduce bunching of clothes, ensuring fewer tangles and wrinkles.

With an Electrolux washer and dryer as your handy helpers, getting your family into clean clothes every day will be a breeze!
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The Electrolux 9kg UltimateCare 500 Washing Machine, $1,349, and Electrolux 9kg Heat Pump Dryer, $2,199, are available from all authorised retailers.

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