The Air Purifier That Kills Bad Bacteria

A world’s first and an award winner, Biotica800 cleans the air with probiotics.

Portrait of Tammy Strobel

"The compact purifier (size of a small cable box) is energy efficient and sprays probiotics for 70sec every 40min." Prior to creating Biotica800, Betterair looked for the missing link in current air purifiers.

“Existing ones just take air in and kill everything that passes through, whether it’s good or bad for you,” says the Israeli brand’s president, Taly Dery. “This is bad, not just because it kills everything, but also because it’s passive – it only kills what’s in the air, not what’s on the surface of things that breed bad air.”

What Dery is referring to is bad bacteria, which thrives on allergens like dust mites, dead skin cells, pet dander and pollen – the same stuff  that good bacteria likes, and that people with allergies, asthma and weak immune systems don’t.

So, Betterair took the opposite approach to conventional air cleaning: by adding award winning, patented, environmentally friendly probiotics.

“By releasing these into the air via ultra-fine mists which circulate and lay themselves on all surfaces, they consume the same ‘food’ that bad bacteria needs. As they compete for the same resources, this creates biological competition and prevents the growth of bad bacteria that encourage the growth of mould, mildew and musty odours.” Biotica800 “works best in any closed environment or where you need it most – as long as it’s not near open windows, because you don’t want the probiotics to be blown away”, says Dery. If it’s left on for, say, a month, the probiotics can cover an area of 74 sq m – about the size of a four-room HDB flat – without you having to move the device from room to room.

“It takes time for the probiotics to do their thing, but the allergens will eventually be vanquished.”

Each Biotica800, at $499, comes with a cartridge of liquid probiotics that lasts around three months. The refill is $59. At Courts Singapore and – NVP

In 2018, Betterair won the Gold Stevie award at the annual American Business Awards for “Company of the Year – Health Products and Services – Small”. That’s the business equivalent of winning an Oscar for a short film.