Ushering in the Era of 4k Hdr

Why High Dynamic Range is the next big thing.

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Why High Dynamic Range is the next big thing.

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To understand this concept, give two people the same digital camera and ask them to shoot the same scene: one a professional, another an amateur. The resulting pictures may have the exact same megapixel count, but the detail and feeling captured is different. This is because photography isn’t just about resolution, it’s about making the best use of light.

In the same way, not all 4K TVs are equal. If you walk into a store today and see a row of 4K TVs, we’re willing to bet that there’s one that stands out. This TV has greater dynamic contrast, incredibly deep blacks and dazzling lights. This TV displays images so real, it is as if you’re looking through a window. This new TV is Sony’s BRAVIA Z9D 4K HDR TV with Backlight Master Drive and here’s why.


Now, if you’re looking to buy a TV today, it has got to be one with the latest standards. 4K Ultra HD is a given. But remember, a picture isn’t just about pixels, it’s about light. This is where High Dynamic Range (HDR) comes into play. A new breed of 4K HDR TVs like the BRAVIA Z9D promises a much wider range of colors and greater contrast than conventional 4K TVs. And yet, 4K HDR is still just a standard.


To bring out the full potential of 4K HDR, nothing comes close to the BRAVIA Z9D thanks to its revolutionary Backlight Master Drive. This new backlight system boasts of an ultra-dense LED structure capable of incredible brightness, but it’s not just about having more LEDs than the competition. Backlight Master Drive has a unique optical design that focuses its LEDs in a straight beam to prevent light leakage common to standard full-array LED TVs, resulting in a more focused picture with a clear distinction between vivid lights and dark blacks. Powered by the newly developed 4K HDR Processor X1 Extreme, the BRAVIA Z9D is also able to discretely control each LED, offering laser-like precision over how every part of the screen is lit. And with object-based HDR remastering, different objects are independently analyzed and their contrast adjusted for true-to-life clarity, depth and realism. Trust us, after seeing Sony’s BRAVIA Z9D 4K HDR TV with Backlight Master Drive, you’ll need to re-watch your entire movie collection to catch all the details you’ve been missing.