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Jabra Elite 65t

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Jabra Elite 65t

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Working off the new Bluetooth 5 specification, the Jabra Elite 65t earbuds simply do not drop connectivity. It registers as a single device, with audio streaming from the right primary side over to the left like most true wireless buds, Thankfully, I didn’t notice any sync issues or cut audio, a common horror story among offshoot brands. Its rock-solid wireless experience was undoubtedly liberating. Free from all cable matters, be it length, management, or rub, I found myself whipping these out more often than I normally would. 

A huge part of that comes from the build and additional features Jabra brings. The Elite 65t is light and comfortable, measuring a total of 12.3g — 6.5g for the right and 5.8g for the left. It comes with three pairs of silicone ear tips, but the pre-installed ones were good for fit and seal (for size reference, I typically use the Comply TSX-500 in medium). Slipping them on is easy too, requiring a quick twist of the wrist as they enter to orientate the speaker stems. With no cable and barely any weight, they more or less disappear once worn and take little adjustment or fiddling. 

What else is there to love? In Singapore’s humid, tropical climate: the IP55 rating. Nobody’s going for a swim in these, but the earbuds will hold up to sweat and drizzle just fine. Excess moisture may loosen the fit, but if it’s on the verge of slipping then you’ll to want to wipe yourself down anyway. I wouldn’t risk taking these out for a run or jog, however; if that’s your intent, Jabra now has the sportier (and pricier) Elite Active 65t. 

To list some other neat features, a double-tap on the right earbud activates audio pass-through for quick chats or to better hear your environment. Removing the Elite 65t automatically mutes playback, while putting them back in does the opposite. Voice calls are transmitted to both sides, and the four integrated microphones do a spectacular job of picking up my ghost of a voice. Plus, a companion app lets you tweak a multitude of settings, including an equalizer. Jabra also touts compatibility with Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant, though I didn’t manage to play around with those. 

All of that tucks into the small, bundled charging case, which activates as soon as the contacts are in place and the lid is closed. The earbuds managed nearly five and a half hours on Spotify and gaming, while the case grants an additional two full charges; the Jabra Elite 65t has quick charge so you won’t be separated for too long. 

Could there be improvements? Definitely. While Jabra opted for physical buttons on both the left and right sides, presumably to cut down on accidental brushes, they can get uncomfortable since you’re pushing the buds deeper in. This was fine for the occasional pause or to enable “hear through”, but adjusting volume and skipping tracks can turn into literal pain – I preferred using my phone’s physical buttons for those instead. And while the ear tips do offer decent isolation, they’re not going to block out the din of commuting entirely. 

Music (locally stored and streamed), videos, and games all performed great. The somewhat flat sound signature lends the earbuds well to all manner of songs and applications, making it a great all-round daily-driver. From Christopher Tin to Etta James and The Jackson 5, or straight-up podcasts, the Elite 65t comfortably took them all. 

Both YouTube and Netflix went by without a hitch, while rhythm games Beat Fever and BanG Dream! Girls Band Party offered no discernible difference to wired options. And thanks to Discord, this is pretty much the mobile gamer’s equivalent of a headset – voice pickup and clarity is certainly better than the phone’s receiver. 

Not having a 3.5mm cable sticking out the side of your phone also does wonders when it comes to gaming comfort on the go. I no longer had to awkwardly reposition my fingers when in landscape mode, nor worry about the cable catching on my bag when switching trains or boarding buses. 

The balance of sound quality and reliable, wireless convenience makes the Jabra Elite 65t an awfully tempting proposition.

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The Elite 65t has a 15 min quick charge for an extra 1.5 hours of play, while the case can provide two more full charges. 

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The physical button on each earbud can cause some discomfort when you end up pressing the bud deeper into your ear. 

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Here to dispel misgivings and doubts over wireless connectivity, even for an eyebrow-raising skeptic like me. 



20Hz to 20kHz 


4 x MEMS, Wind/ Noise reduction 


5 hours, 15 hours with case 


Bluetooth 5.0 


6.5g (right), 5.8g (left), 67g (case)