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The Blink is a little square wireless camera that fits in your palm capable of capturing 720p video with audio.

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Aztech Blink

The Blink is a little square wireless camera that fits in your palm capable of capturing 720p video with audio. The initial package comes with a sync module and one camera. The sync module acts as a base station between your home Wi-fi and the Blink. Up to ten Blink cameras can be connected to each sync module.

Everything from initial setup to camera configuration and control is then done on the Blink Home Monitor app (iOS 8.1/ Android 4.4 and above). Each Blink camera is completely wireless, powered by just two standard AA batteries. And according to Aztech, you can stretch battery life up to two years.

This is possible because the Blink camera only takes snapshot videos through motion detection, and a fresh pair of lithium batteries is rated for up to 40,000 seconds of video. Motion sensitivity and snapshot length (from 1-10 seconds) can be configured through the app. You can view a live stream, but to save battery, the app will prompt you after 30 seconds in this mode.

Now, because it is wireless, you can literally place a Blink camera anywhere with any angle. Of course, each Blink camera must be within range of the sync module; the app has a handy indicator of Wi-fi strength. Setup is painless and once a camera is connected to the sync module, you’re good to go.

Besides motion detection and video length settings mentioned, there is little else to fiddle with. Note that the Blink isn’t weatherproof though, so it’s really more for indoor use. Video quality is a fixed 720p. It is clear enough to make out people walking past my desk. There’s an LED lamp for low light recording too, but this can be harsh at night, not to mention alerting everyone to the location of the camera.

Snapshots are automatically stored on the cloud in Blink’s servers. You get up to 7,200 seconds of storage space, with older videos replaced when the limit is hit. You can download videos to your device, but there are no options to purchase more storage from Aztech. Granted, it’s a basic system, but its simplicity and freedom of placement makes the Blink perfect for low traffic area surveillance whenever you need it.


Hassle-free, events-based remote surveillance with situational effectiveness.


Video Format 720p, H.264.

Field of View 110°.

Motion Detection Passive Infrared.

Wireless 2.4GHz 802.11n.

Price $188.

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A simple interface with basic settings from the mobile app control motion detection sensitivity and video length, and that’s all you’ll need.