Thin, Light And Powerful, Here’s How LG Gram Is Redefining Ultrabooks

When shopping for a new notebook, always figure out your priorities and needs – Lightweight?

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When shopping for a new notebook, always figure out your priorities and needs – Lightweight? Great connectivity? High performance with expansion capabilities? A good screen? Durability? What if we toldyou that you could potentially get the best of everything on the new LG gram? 


At just 965g for the gram 13, 995g for the gram 14 and 1,095g for the gram 15, the LG gram family is one of the lightest notebooks in the industry. Many ultrabooks are nowhere near these figures. How do they manage to be this light? The answer lies in the 1800 nano-carbon and easily formable magnesium alloy chassis, which is exceptionally light, but strong. In fact, it can withstand over 200kg of force on its cover! To give you added assurance, they have all passed MIL-STD-810G tests, which is a US Military standard that focusses on a product’s ability to withstand the rigors of environmental conditions. 


Despite the slim and lightweight nature of the notebook, it packs in where it matters most like offering  Intel’s 8th generation Core i5 and Core i7 processor options, all equipped with a massive 512GB of SSD storage. There’s even an M.2 SATA slot to expand your storage needs. 

Complementing the strong processing subsystem is a high capacity 72Wh battery across all three LG gram notebook sizes. That’s double the battery capacity of the previous gram 13, and up to 20% more than the other two notebook sizes. Based on LG’s testing, the gram 13, gram 14 and gram 15 can last up to 22.5, 21.5 and 19 hours* respectively; truly a class leader for such a thin and light ultrabook. 


The LG gram’s design has been thoughtfully planned to incorporate almost every commonly used port like twin USB 3.0 Type-A ports that are immediately compatible with any USB device. You also get a Type-C port to interface with newer USB devices and charge your phone. Need to quickly hook up to the projector or meeting room’s display? A full sized HDMI port takes care of that. There’s even a microSD card slot to either add even more storage to your notebook or quickly transfer gigabytes of photos from your phone or camera. 

On the Core i7 version of the gram 15, its Type-C port doubles up as a Thunderbolt 3 port. What this means is that the gram 15 is expressly suited for content creation tasks by hooking up dual 4K screens or even a 5K monitor thanks to the 40Gbps data throughput capability over a Thunderbolt connection. 


Beyond impressive specs and capabilities, don’t forget the basics like a good screen since that is what you would be looking at all-day. The LG gram notebooks are equipped with Full HD resolution IPS displays that can display sRGB color space with 96% color gamut for a crisp and sharp display with great viewing angles that foster group work and discussions. 

Reading volumes of text? For less stress and eye fatigue, the LG gram is also equipped with a Reader Mode function that cuts down the screen’s blue light output to give you a more pleasant reading experience at a touch of a button. 

This year’s LG gram notebooks also incorporate biometric login within the power button for faster, hassle free logins to your system – all in a single touch. How’s that for convenience? 

Summing it up, the LG gram notebook has redefined what it means to own a modern day ultrabook.

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Based on MobileMark®  2014 standard.