It’s possible! Here’s how Samsung QLED 8K TVs make existing content look better than their best

Real-life experience up close — that’s always been the goal of any new TV technology.

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Real-life experience up close — that’s always been the goal of any new TV technology. It’s been seven years since we crossed the 1080p Full HD chasm to 4K, and now, we’re leaping into another level of realism with the new Samsung QLED 8K Q900R TVs.


Much like a digital camera, everyone knows that more pixels give you more details. But it’s also easy to wrongly assume that an 8K screen has only twice the number of pixels of a 4K screen. At 7,680 × 4,320 pixels, a Samsung QLED 8K TV actually packs no less than 33 million pixels — that’s 4 times the resolution of 4K or 16 times the resolution of Full HD!

That said, resolution is only half the story. You’re now probably wondering why 8K matters since 8K streaming and 8K Blu-ray content are non-existent at the moment. To put it simply: Samsung QLED 8K TVs pack technologies to make all kinds of content look good. How is this possible?


The secret sauce to Samsung’s QLED 8K TVs is their 8K Quantum Processor, which is in charge of processing the picture and making sure that it always looks great on screen.

Delving deeper, the 8K Quantum Processor uses machine learning to analyse the incoming signals and convert them to the optimal resolution in real time.

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Thanks to their use of quantum dot technology, Samsung’s QLED 8K Q900R TVs promise true-to-life colours at any level of brightness. Why is this important? This ensures colours remain accurate when the TV increases its brightness to bring out the extra details in HDR content.

Samsung’s QLED 8K TVs also offer a peak brightness of up to 4,000 nits and a Direct Full Array Elite technology for enhanced contrast and precise backlighting control. Combined with a new panel treatment that enables ultra-wide viewing angles, these TVs make for a great family TV for both daytime and night time viewing.

The QLED 8K TVs also incorporate thoughtful design to make them both highly functional and aesthetically pleasing.

A prime example is the One Invisible Connection , which integrates the optical cable and power cable in a single slim cable that you connect to the One Connect Box. This setup solves the problem of messy cables and offers you the fiexibility to place the TV anywhere you want, even away from data or power outlets. Together with the No Gap Wall Mount that enables the TV to fit snug to the wall, there's nothing to distract you from the beautiful picture on the big screen.

Remote control clutter is reduced too, thanks to the One Master Remote that lets you control all your devices with a single controller. That said, manually navigating through menu options just to adjust a setting can be tiring. Thankfully, the QLED TVs come with Bixby, the intelligent assistant, which means you can navigate the settings menu, change the volume, or even search for content with just your voice.

And it doesn’t just stretch the picture to fit the higher 8K resolution — instead, the processor draws from a large onboard database derived from millions of content to classify aspects of a scene (e.g. textures, edges) so that it can upscale different parts of the image in the best possible way.

The 8K Quantum Processor optimises the audio, too. Like how it’s able to identify picture elements and optimise each of them, it’s also able to analyse and classify audio input signals to enhance what’s truly important (e.g. speech in dialogues, music in concerts, ambience for sports).
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