WatchOS 7 finally gets sleep tracking functionality and will even cheer you on when you wash your hands.

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Complications are more… complicated in watchOS 7 as you can now enable multiple complications at one time. There are also new complications for native features such as Camera Remote, Sleep, and Shortcuts.
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You can also create and share customised watch faces with Complications. watchOS 7 offers new ways to discover and share complication combinations to configure the watch face to suit any activity or lifestyle. Whether you surf, cycle or just want to know the weather, there will be a watch face and complications to suit you Apple says. A created watch face can be shared by sending it to a friend, over social media or by publishing it to a group.
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The Workout app has four new workouts for you to choose from, Core Training, Dance, Functional Strength Training, and Cooldown. Now you can dance your way to fitness with dances like Hip Hop, Latin, and Bollywood with the Apple Watch able to track if you are merely using your hands to follow the movements or your whole body.

The Activity app is now called Fitness, and provides a streamlined view of your daily activity, workouts, and goals on one tab, with activity sharing and competitions on another.

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A new app called Wind Down can be paired with your iPhone to track your sleep. Your iPhone will show a winddown screen to help you get ready for bed. Your iPhone and Apple Watch will go into sleep mode, turn on Do Not Disturb and automatically darken the screens overnight. To help you wake up, Apple Watch offers a silent haptic alarm or gentle sounds, while the wake-up screen shows the current battery level to remind you to charge your device before you go out.
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Handwashing with the Apple Watch uses movement and audio sensing to automatically detect the length of time you took to wash your hands.