Is Your Mobile Plan Stressing You Out?

It’s time you stop worrying about your mobile data cap and roaming charges.

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It’s time you stop worrying about your mobile data cap and roaming charges.

The problem with mobile plans today is that instead of offering solutions, they create unnecessary problems for us to deal with. 

Take for example the meager 2 or 3GB data cap that some plans have. This caused many of us to check our usage daily, in fear of accidentally exceeding the limit and ending up with an expensive monthly bill. 

While we consume a lot of data these days, we also don’t want to be restricted by insufficient call minutes. Ever had the experience of trying to end a call quickly because you were running low on outgoing call minutes? 

Traditional mobile plans are also ill-designed for overseas use. For pay-as- you-roam plans, it’s easy to rake up data roaming charges. Even if we were to buy a roaming package, we’d be constantly worried about busting its limit or unwittingly joining an unsupported network, and ending up with an exorbitant bill. 

And don’t even get us started on charges for services that we weren’t aware of from the start. For example, do you know that caller number display is usually not free, and you’ve to pay to use the service? 

Thankfully, there exist plans that better fit modern data usage patterns, and they come from MyRepublic. And they start from $35/ month for 7GB of data. 

Enjoy “boundless” data without sacrificing the essentials 

MyRepublic’s mobile plans come with “boundless” data, which lets you continue to use data for free beyond your plan’s allocated amount. The connection will be slower but still fast enough for you to keep on surfing, messaging, and calling non-stop. If you need the full speed, you can buy 30-day Data Boosters through the MyRepublic app. 

Oh, did we mention that you still get 1,000 minutes of talk time, 1,000 SMS messages, and free caller ID? 

Uncomplicated roaming services to ensure no bill shock 

Instead of pay-per-use roaming data charges, MyRepublic lets you buy Data Boosters for the amount of data you need before you travel. Each roaming package lasts 30 days and covers a group of countries. So if you’ve gotten a 2GB package and only used 1GB for your trip to Bali last week, you can use the remaining data for your trip to Bangkok next week. For frequent travelers, the Xtra 85 plan additionally comes with 2GB roaming data to seven countries every month. 

No contract, no hidden charges, no nonsense

MyRepublic’s mobile plans don’t come with a contract period. You can even upgrade or downgrade your plan anytime you want without any charge or penalty. The features you get are also listed clearly upfront. For example, the Smart 35 plan already gives you an ample 7GB of local data. If you need more, Mega 55 gives you 12GB. For very heavy data users, Xtra 85 offers 25GB per month. And here’s a pro tip: MyRepublic Broadband customers can get up to 8GB bonus data each month! 

There are many important things to worry about in life, and your mobile plan shouldn’t be one of them. 

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