As the living room centrepiece, your TV shouldn’t conform to old conventions.

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As the living room centrepiece, your TV shouldn’t conform to old conventions. The Samsung QLED TV Q9F is the ultimate union of style and technology, incorporating a minimalist, thin and bezel-free frame with the latest in display innovations. Roll out the red carpet – the most powerful TV (1) is here.


The Q9F series takes life- like imagery to new heights with its Direct Full Array backlighting. This panel of smart zones provides pristine illumination and contrast, adjusting the backlights for deeper blacks and purer whites. It also reduces blooming and halo effects, further complementing the HDR Elite (2) (powered by HDR 10+ (3)) and Ultra Black anti- reflection technologies built-in. Everything works off Samsung’s Quantum Dot display, which utilises a proprietary metal shell for greater colour accuracy, peak brightness of up to 2,000 nits (4), and guaranteed burn-in (5) protection. 

All that spectacular image quality and clarity would be wasted on a poor user configuration. Thankfully, you’ll never have to fuss over the settings. Whether you’re watching a colorful period drama, a flashy live concert or some grungy action flick, the Q Engine processor automatically analyses scenes to fine-tune the TV’s many features. This means you’ll always get the best possible presentation no matter the content, your viewing angle, or the room’s lighting conditions. Just sit back and enjoy the ride. 


We’ve come a long way from the boxy CRT era, but many slim TVs are still tethered to an age-old problem: location. With the Q9F series, you can finally let aesthetics take the lead. The One Invisible Connection 2.0 (6) integrates all power and data lines into a slim, 5-meter invisible cable. In other words, you can sit or mount the TV further than you normally would, without having to worry about clutter of wires trailing after it. It sports a beautifully minimalist look with an impressive No Gap Wall-Mount (7) and a Magic Screen (8) that seamlessly blends the panel with your feature wall or living room space. You can even personalise it further by displaying photographs, playing music, or getting weather updates. 

Smart design extends to the user experience too. With our entertainment spread across multiple devices, everyone knows how tough it can be to keep track of what and where. That confusion is now a thing of the past, as an Auto Detection (9) function automatically recognises and labels your set-top box, gaming consoles, and any other media devices connected to the TV. Forget surfing through inputs to find the source you want. The best part? You can manage them all with just One Remote Control (10)

Power, convenience, and immaculate form – get ready to fall in love with the TV all over again. 

(1) Compared with 2017 Samsung QLED TVs.

(2) Applicable to the QLED Q9F series.

(3) The HDR10+ certi cation may vary by TV model and is only available on HDR10+ content.

(4) Peak brightness may vary by model and size of the TV.

(5) Burn-in is a permanent defect in areas of a TV display that can be caused by cumulative effects of displaying the same image or scene for long periods of time, sometimes even as little as one hour. 100% Guaranteed against burn-in for conventional TV viewing conditions and not applicable for commercial use.

(6) The ‘One Invisible Connection 2.0’ refers to a single, transparent optical cable connected to the One Connect Box. This includes the TV power integrating external device cables but not cables connected to other devices such as a sound bar.

(7) No Gap Wall-mount: Measured from rear end of the TV, the gap may differ based on the installation and wall type.

(8) The Magic Screen background setting feature may vary depending on the environment where the TV is installed, including but not limited to wall designs, patterns, and/or colors.

(9) Subject to device compatibility.

(10) Subject to device compatibility. Design of the One Remote Control varies by TV model. 

Learn more about the Samsung QLED Q9F series at https://www.samsung.com/sg/tvs/qled-tv/highlights/