What You Should Know About Mesh Networking

How mesh networking kits like the D-Link Covr can solve your Wi-Fi woes.

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How mesh networking kits like the D-Link Covr can solve your Wi-Fi woes.

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Should you get a mesh networking kit? If you have Wi- Fi dead spots that you can’t seem to solve, then the answer is yes.

In theory, a single modern router can cover up to around 2,000 square feet. But in real life, walls, electronics, and even furniture can block Wi-Fi signals. It’s why many of us struggle to get fast and stable Wi-Fi, even in smaller apartments.

A mesh networking kit works slightly differently from traditional routers. Instead of relying on a single router to cover the entire home, a mesh kit uses multiple ‘hubs’ placed throughout the home. These hubs communicate with each other and create a Wi-Fi ‘mesh’ to envelop the home. That’s why mesh networks can cover a wider area than a one router.

There are other benefits to using mesh kits. D-Link’s Covr mesh networking kits, for example, are easy to set up and use. Unlike using a secondary router to create a second network, for example, the Covr hubs use a single wireless name (SSID) so that your devices don’t have to jump from network to network as you move through the home.

The Covr kits are also pre-paired out of the box, so you don’t have to worry about complicated setups. Just plug them in. A friendly app will help you configure the Covr hubs so you get the best coverage. The Covr kits make advanced technology easy.

D-Link Smart Steering technology, for example, will seamlessly connect your devices to the strongest Wi-Fi signal available, and you won’t even notice any changes. Dynamic Adaption automatically directs your devices to the best Wi-Fi channel, avoiding congestion and ensuring the fastest possible connections.

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Covr-C1203: An attractive solution for the everyday user

The Covr-C1203 is an attractive mesh networking kit with a sleek design that’ll brighten up any home. You can even swap its color plates! It’s equipped with the latest MU-MIMO, smart roaming, and band steering technology. Best of all, it comes in an affordable package, so anyone can enjoy great Wi-Fi at home. 

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Covr-2202: A powerful package for extreme performance

The Covr-2202 tri-band mesh networking kit offers powerful performance for the most demanding users. 4K movie streamers and gamers will love it. It has the same features as the Covr-C1203, with an additional 5GHz band that’s used as dedicated backhaul for increased bandwidth.

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Covr-P2502: For those hard to reach areas

The Covr-P2502 is a breakthrough device that’s especially useful for hard to reach locations. The kit uses your home’s powerline to extend Wi-Fi, and it works with both the Covr-C1203 and Covr-C2202 for complete WiFi coverage.

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