You can have it all: Size, power and portability with the LG gram 17.

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For many, the LG gram series is often renowned for their lightweight and long battery life, their models strictly at or below the 1kg mark. 2019 sees that lightweight pedigree continue with a newcomer, and it’s one that will have plenty pining for its mix of power and portability: the LG gram 17. 


At only 1,340 grams, the LG gram 17 is now the world’s lightest 17-inch laptop. In fact, it’s the only ultrabook of its size, as most 17-inchers are gaming models that weight at least 600g (1) more. That weight saving is notable enough to leave many frequent fliers and digital nomads happy.

Like the rest of the LG gram series, it uses a nano-carbon magnesium alloy – the stuff of aircrafts and supercars – for the ultra-light chassis. It’s also rugged enough to pass MIL-STD810G military standard. Bump it, drop it or step on it and you’ll find this ultrabook marching on like a champ.

At only 0.5-1cm larger than a 15.6-inch notebook (2), it remains portable and compact too. That means the ultrabook fits into most 15.6inch laptop bags sold in Singapore, saving those who are upgrading the hassle of buying a new one. 

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A roomy WQXGA IPS display offers twice the resolution of Full HD displays that is often used in a majority of laptops in the market today. This lets the LG gram 17 deliver fine and accurate color that is perfect for editing videos or retouching photos.

Its new 16:10 aspect ratio is also the first of its kind in an ultrabook. That 24% extra display space is a major quality-of-life improvement for executives. Seeing more lines and columns in spreadsheets and presentations means less scrolling and nudging on keys. 


For heavy users, the LG gram 17 just goes on and on. Some might think that the large screen and slim chassis would leave it gasping for power, but this Intel Core i7 machine gets up to 19.5 hours (3) on a 72Wh battery. Ditch the charger at home!

Then there’s the excellent connectivity. It has three USB 3.1 ports, HDMI, a microSD reader and – the pièce de résistance – a Thunderbolt 3/USB-C port. With transfer speeds 8 times faster than USB 3.0, even avid media prosumers might want a slice of this LG pie. Plus, all LG gram models have the option of upgrading to dual RAM sticks and SSD slots.

For a lightweight, sturdy and tenacious 17-inch ultrabook, you’ll find that the LG gram 17 stands triumphant above all. 

Get the weight off your shoulders at www.lg.com/sg/laptops/lg-17Z990-VAA7CA3

(1) Compared to 17-inch gaming laptops weighing >1.9kg.

(2) Based on comparisons with conventional 15.6-inch LG laptops.

(3) Based on MobileMark 2014 tests.