Bet you don’t consider some of these daily activities as exercise. Well, they are – and these smart Samsung gadgets can help you track them, as well as your lifestyle habits.

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Bet you don’t consider some of these daily activities as exercise. Well, they are – and these smart Samsung gadgets can help you track them, as well as your lifestyle habits.

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No matter what your fitness goals – whether it’s clocking 10,000 steps daily or getting 150 minutes of exercise weekly – there’s a super simple way to make them a reality: start honouring your day-to-day activities. 

You may not notice it, but these little habits are helping you stay fit and burn calories. Keep doing them and you’ll be on the way to achieving a sustainable fitness routine. Every bit adds up! 

Enjoying a night out with friends

Chilling out to your favourite songs in a cafe sounds like total relaxation, except that you’re also burning an additional 150 calories for every hour you rock back and forth, tap your toes and nod your head. Sing along and you will torch another 90 calories per hour even while sitting down. 

Walking your dog

When you take your over-excited furkid outdoors, it feels as though you’re doing him a favour, but you benefit, too. 

Every 10 minutes of moderate-pace walking cuts 33 calories. So if you’re out for an hour, that’s 200 calories down – what you would have burned from a 20-minute jog. Now, go thank your pooch! 

Playing basketball

You think you’re joining the gang for a friendly game, but it’s bound to get competitive, and seriously addictive. One shoot becomes two, then three, and then four. 

All those shuffiing, ducking and jumping movements are exactly what gym rats do in a high-intensity interval training class. Imagine the big burn plus head-to-toe conditioning you can get from a spontaneous sesh. 

Running for the bus

This can be so bothersome. But those hundred steps taken in the dash for the bus are actually crucial to maintaining your cardio fitness. 

When you do explosive actions, like sprinting and jumping, your body uses a lot more energy than when you go at a comfortable pace. These movements work your fast-twitch muscle fibres as well, improving power and agility over a period of time. Moral of the story? It’s worth chasing the bus. 

Taking the stairs

In the name of speed, it’s wiser to use the stairs instead of the lift, which tends to jam up during peak hours. Also, everyone knows that climbing stairs is a legit way to tone your butt and legs. 

When going uphill, your glutes, thighs, calves and ankles have to work much harder to help you balance and support your weight. Case in point: every minute of stair- climbing torches eight calories – 60 per cent more than if you walk on flat ground. Now, that’s a lot. 

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Curious to know just how many calories you burn and steps you take doing such activities in a day? There’s a big chance that you’re underestimating – or worse, overestimating – your daily mileage. 

Like music to the ears, Samsung’s new high-tech (and highly accurate) tracking wearables can really up your game. 

Keep tabs on your fitness activities

Both the Samsung Gear Sport Smartwatch and Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro Fitness Band can automatically detect and track many activities, including walking, running, cycling, and even dancing and playing basketball. 

Notable features in both include water resistance of up to 50m, so you can wear your watch or band into the pool or sea without worry. Plus, a smooth integration with Speedo On, Speedo’s latest swimming training app (downloaded separately), allows them to track key metrics such as length, distance, time, and strokes, which are all essential to determining your swimming efficiency. 

Also, if you’ve been wanting to monitor your workout intensity, especially during a run or spin class, you’ll be glad to know that both also offer continuous heart-rate monitoring, so you can see just how hard you’re exerting yourself. No more guessing games. 

That’s not all. The Gear Sport Smartwatch and Gear Fit2 Pro Fitness Band are loaded with Under Armour’s suite of fitness apps (Under Armour Record, MyFitnessPal, MapMyRun and Endomondo) to help monitor your exercises, nutrition and sleep. 

To enhance your workout experience, get fitted with the wire-free Samsung Gear IconX Earbuds. Besides playing music to spur you on, they automatically track your runs and give real-time audio updates. 

Improve your health and wellness

Getting sufficient rest is integral to staying healthy and energetic. Both the Gear Sport Smartwatch and Gear Fit2 Pro Fitness Band have sleep tracking functions that monitor your sleep cycles and provide insights on your snooze patterns, motivating you to hit the sack earlier or take certain actions to reduce sleep disturbances. 

As you move from one activity to another, it’s easy to lose sight of your nutrition and hydration needs. Tip: Record your food, water and caffeine intake with the Gear Sport Smartwatch or Gear Fit2 Pro Fitness Band. Knowing your daily calorie consumption also helps to prevent overeating. 

Go mobile-free 

With the Gear Sport Smartwatch and Gear Fit2 Pro Fitness Band, you have the option of leaving your smartphone behind. Both feature Spotify Offline mode, which lets you listen to your favourite music offline. You can even upload up to 4GB of your own music with the Gear Fit2 Pro Fitness Band or Gear IconX Earbuds. 

Running or riding outdoors? Both the Gear Sport Smartwatch and Gear Fit2 Pro Fitness Band have built-in GPS to track your workout and route seamlessly even when you’re offline. During the session, you get to view the real-time map, plus speed and distance stats. 

If you  nd it a chore to take your wallet along, you’re not alone. The Gear Sport Smartwatch is equipped with Samsung Pay, so you can make quick and easy purchases on NFC terminals just by tapping your wrist. Super cool. 

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2 in the left: Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro Fitness Bands ($268, available in black and red)

2 in the right: Samsung Gear Sport Smartwatches ($448, available in black and blue) 

Middle one: Samsung Gear IconX Earbuds ($268, available in black, grey and pink) 

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The new Samsung wearables are available at all major consumer electronic stores, authorised mobile retailers, Samsung Experience stores and Lazada Singapore. 

Samsung is one of the official tracker partners for the National Steps Challenge™ Season 3. Join the Challenge for more games, bigger prizes, and a healthier you. 

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