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Fitness plateau breaking your stride? Here’s how to get back that runner’s high for an awesome mind and body boost.

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Fitness plateau breaking your stride? Here’s how to get back that runner’s high for an awesome mind and body boost.
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The traditional idea of running is going as long or as far as you can, while maintaining an even speed. Incorporating speed bursts – running with close to maximum effort for short amounts of time – can help to train the fasttwitch muscle fibres that are essential for picking up the pace. Go for short sprints (aim for about 80 to 100m), then walk or jog to recover.


Running is a high-impact sport, and can put a lot of pressure on your feet, knees and hips over time. To avoid injury, pay attention to how your body moves while you run. You should be running tall (imagine a line from the top of your head pulling you upwards), and landing on the midsole of your foot, rather than your heel. This allows your muscles to “catch” the weight of your body as it hits the ground, and eases pressure on the joints.


Why stick to just one running surface? If you’re used to the road or treadmill, one of the best ways to re-engage your mental focus and exercise your body’s responsiveness is to strike out on hilly or uneven terrain. For something relatively flat and friendly, try the stretch of The Green Corridor that extends from Holland Road to the old Bukit Timah Railway Station. For something more challenging, hit the trails at MacRitchie Reservoir Park.

Tips from a long-distance runner

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Nathalie Marquet of Metasport shares how she keeps in top running form.

“It’s important to increase distance and speed progressively. Pretty much everyone new to running goes too long too fast, too soon. If you’re new to running, start with a walk or light jog, then alternate walking and jogging till you can sustain the same pace for the whole duration of your run.”

“Set yourself a goal. Why not sign up for a 5km or 10km race? Having a goal helps sustain the discipline of going out regularly for training.”

TIP: Try the Bintan Triathlon, which happens on May 27 to 29, 2016 at Bintan island. For more information, visit bintantriathlon website.

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Don’t use your running shoes until they’re worn out. You should replace them whenever the soles become uneven, or after about 640km of wear. Look for a design that cups your heels and wraps around the foot for evenly distributed support. The Under Armour SpeedForm Slingshot has a sock-like build for a precise fit, and a responsive and light outsole.

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