Solid All-rounder

Tyres are the car’s only connections to the road.

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Tyres are the car’s only connections to the road. Each tyre’s contact patch, roughly about the width of the palm of your hand, has to provide grip, transfer power and absorb surface imperfections. 

The new Bridgestone Ecopia EP300 doesn’t just fulfil this criterion. It goes further by being a tyre that does it all. 

Apart from providing grip and helping to ensure a comfortable ride, the Ecopia EP300 also offers  lower rolling resistance. This means your engine doesn’t have to work as hard to turn the driven wheels, thereby saving fuel. 

Now, enthusiasts might tell you that eco-friendly tyres are a poor choice in rainy weather. But the Ecopia EP300 makes no compromises when it rains. Because its optimised crown shape and rounded rib edges have the advantage of delivering more even contact pressure and added stiffness, which improve grip in wet conditions. 

Best of all, the Ecopia EP300’s newly designed tread pattern gives it a more uniform wear rate, so that even as the tyre reaches the end of its service life, it will continue to perform until it is finally time for the Bridgestone all-rounder to be replaced.