Waxing and polishing.

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Waxing and polishing.

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01 What’s the difference between a polish and a wax?

Polishes help remove fine scratches and swirl marks, whereas a wax is designed to protect paintwork.

02 Must I use a clay bar before waxing or polishing?

Yes. This will remove contaminants from the paint and help the wax/polish bond to the surface.

03 How do waxes and sealants differ?

Waxes usually contain natural ingredients, such as carnauba. Sealants are formulated with synthetic polymers.

04 Will several coats of wax make my car shinier?

If you’re using carnauba wax, multiple coats will create a deeper and glossier shine.

05 How often should I polish/wax my car?

Polish your car annually to minimise the appearance of fine scratches and wax it monthly to maintain its shine.

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