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A grand tourer that performs as wildly as it looks. Wait, is this a Lexus?

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A grand tourer that performs as wildly as it looks. Wait, is this a Lexus?

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Luxurious, cosseting, creamy smooth handling – these are some qualities that Lexus is known for, in its generations of premium sedans and limousines. But enter the Lexus LC – the company’s boldest design since the introduction of the LFA supercar some seven years ago. The look is part of a provocative design language that will certainly make its way into future models.

Here, the hallmark Lexus spindle grille adorns the fascia, and is complemented by futuristic LED head lamps. The muscular lines on the front segue into an elegant silhouette that meets luscious curves on the rear fenders and end with deep-cut angles.

Inside, the supple leather has detailed hand-stitched trims that are hall marks of the Takumi – or Master – craftsmanship that Lexus is famed for. The attention to detail is impeccable here. The steering wheel, for example, was designed after painstaking tests and development on the race track, so that it offers the optimum grip for the driver and provides just the right feedback for spirited manoeuvring.

But the cabin is not only designed with the driver in mind. Passengers are cocooned from the bustle outside with top-of-the-line Mark Levinson high fidelity entertainment system boasting 13 surround sound speakers. The powerful hi, which can be controlled by way of a Remote Touch Interface Touchpad connected to the car’s audio and navigation system, takes aural pleasures to the next level. But the tech innovations don’t stop there.

The Lexus LC is built with space-age material, including ultra-lightweight carbon fibre similar to that used in the LFA super car. In addition, Lexus has used a special technique to combine aluminium with steel to reduce the car’s weight and increase chassis stiffness for razor-sharp handling and scorching performance.

Under the bonnet, the LC can be specified with either a 5-litre V8 engine as a LC500 variant, or with a 3.5-litre V6 power plant with a sophisticated hybrid system. The latter option perhaps best showcases Lexus engineering prowess, given its ability to enable high-speed cruising of up to 140kmh – even with the petrol engine shut off.

For those who think Japanese hybrids are boring, this is the antidote. The torque from the electric motors are always ontap right from the get-go, giving one immediate and direct throttle response.

The LC is a feast for one’s senses. But more importantly, it offers a glimpse of what is to come for the big L.
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