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Back when Karen was just seven, a routine health check-up revealed that she had a heart murmur.

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Back when Karen was just seven, a routine health check-up revealed that she had a heart murmur.
Name Karen Tan, Age 43
Name Karen Tan, Age 43

She was put on daily medication and exempted from physical education lessons throughout primary school. Thankfully, a follow-up screening when she was 12 showed that she was clear of the condition, and Karen was free to start exercising again.

Now, this hot mama, who works as a community partnerships manager at a local charity, is all for trying new sports and classes whenever she can.

When did you start working out more regularly?

I became more active in my 20s when I started working. I first learnt how to swim, and also picked up scuba diving, wakeboarding and kickboxing. I loved being outdoors. I toned down my activities during my pregnancy, as I developed gestational diabetes, and eventually became completely inactive for two to three years after giving birth.

I only resolved to get back to exercising regularly after some people still mistook me for being pregnant long after my baby was out. Since then, keeping fit has become a staple in my life.

How so?

I feel like I’m making up for lost time. I want to try as many sports as possible now, since I couldn’t when I was growing up. For instance, I earned a black belt in taekwondo when I was 37, completed my yoga teacher training last year, and recently picked up pole dancing. Next on my list? Barre classes, boxing or muay thai!

What’s your current workout regime like?

Yoga three to four times a week and pole dancing once a week. I try to squeeze in short runs whenever I can as well.

Is your family inspired to keep fit as well?

I sign up for fun runs with my husband and two sons – now aged 13 and 16 – as a way to bond and stay healthy together. Sometimes I’ll hit the gym with my elder son to do equipment-based workouts.

What’s your favourite way to relax despite your busy schedule?

I love pampering myself with a face mask thrice weekly, as that’s when I can zen out and enjoy some “me time”. Every woman needs to wind down and focus on herself once in a while. That’s when she can feel most refreshed and rejuvenated.

I also believe in taking care of myself with good skincare. I love the Shiseido Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate, which has given me softer, smoother skin. Friends have even commented that my complexion looks more radiant than ever!

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