Hydrate fatigued skin with LANEIGE Water Sleeping Mask to look well-rested and revitalised.

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Hydrate fatigued skin with LANEIGE Water Sleeping Mask to look well-rested and revitalised.

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Most of us apply nothing more than moisturiser before we hit the sheets at night. Although this is a good practice, it may not be enough for skin that is dehydrated and fatigued.

While the skin is better able to absorb the actives in skincare during the night – this is when it is most permeable – the heightened permeability also means that it loses moisture at a faster rate while you sleep, leaving it looking less than revitalised when you wake the next morning.

Coming to your aid is LANEIGE Water Sleeping Mask ($42), which is designed to not only prevent moisture loss during the night, but also help your skin look its best by the time you wake. These it does courtesy of two exclusive technologies: Sleeptox and Moisture Wrap.

Sleeptox purifies the skin with two key ingredients – the antioxidantrich hunza apricot extract, said to boost the skin’s natural detoxifying and purifying abilities, and evening primrose root extract, which reportedly helps purge toxins from the skin – while Moisture Wrap locks in moisture during the night by forming a protective film over skin. The latter, a moisture-rich beta-glucan mineral network, also stabilises the ingredients in Sleeptox, so they are continuously delivered deep into the skin all through the night.

Billed as a product that relaxes the mind and improves sleep quality, this sleeping mask is also formulated with the brand’s patented Sleepscent, an aromatherapeutic scent with notes of orange flower, rose, ylang-ylang and sandalwood oil.

Twice a week, apply a layer after refiner and emulsion at night, and wake up to skin that looks fresh, radiant and hydrated, with less noticeable pores.

LANEIGE products are available at the brand’s counters and boutiques. For more information, visit


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LANEIGE Lip Sleeping Mask ($27) promises smooth, supple lips the next morning. It is formulated with Moisture Wrap and the vitamin-C-rich Berry Mix Complex, which work together to gently dissolve and remove dry, flaky skin on the lips overnight.