Follow these tips if you want long-lasting, vibrant colour for a beautiful head of hair.

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Follow these tips if you want long-lasting, vibrant colour for a beautiful head of hair.

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Just about everyone’s rushing out to try the latest hair colour trends. From “granny” grey and electric blue to platinum blonde, it seems that funky hair hues are the last fashion fad.

But colouring can take a toll on your strands. Damaged hair looks and feels dry, lacks lustre, and is more prone to breakage and split ends. Worse, when hair is in poor condition, it’s harder for the strands to hold on to the colour; as a result, your new shade may lose its freshness and vibrancy faster.

To keep hair colour looking good for longer, follow these tips:

1. Visit an experienced stylist who understands your hair type.

The right hairstylist will be able to determine your hair type and know how to colour your tresses to avoid damaging them in the process.

2. See a professional if you’re bleaching your hair.

Bleaching can do a lot of damage, especially to Asian hair, which tends to be relatively coarse and thick. You may even have to bleach your locks more than once before colouring them. Leave this process to a professional hairstylist who has the right experience.

3. Include a hair-repair system like Maxiphlex.

Maxiphlex is a new breakthrough treatment offered by Jean Yip Hairdressing. Developed for Asian hair, Maxiphlex promises to strengthen and protect before, during and after the chemical or heat-treatment process.

It works by wrapping its protective formula around damaged areas to shield the hair cuticle while penetrating the hair shaft to provide maximum moisture.

The two-step system ensures that hair remains healthy and hydrated.

First, No. 1 Hair Strengthener is mixed into the colour or bleach product during the chemical service or applied to hair before heat styling. After the service, No. 2 Hair Protector is applied to reinforce the reconditioning process.

The result is shiny, silky hair and longlasting colour.

4. Avoid heat styling.

Heat styling can damage strands and cause colour to fade more quickly. If you really must style your hair with heat, add a treatment like Maxiphlex to increase the deposition of essential nutrients and colour pigments, improve moisture levels, and prevent the colour from washing out. Maxiphlex can be used as a standalone treatment or to enhance chemical services.

5. Indulge in hydrating treatments.

Regular treatments can boost your hair colour, add shine and improve texture.

A treatment like Maxiphlex saves you time as it reconditions tresses while the colouring process is taking place – it means that you don’t need another few hours at the salon just to get a smooth and soft mane.