Girls Gone Road Trippin’

Hands up if you’ve ever dreamt of a movie-worthy cross-country road trip. Here are four incredible road trips to add to your bucket list, plus some tips for driving overseas too!

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Hands up if you’ve ever dreamt of a movie-worthy cross-country road trip. Here are four incredible road trips to add to your bucket list, plus some tips for driving overseas too!

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The Great Ocean Road, Australia 

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Built by Australian soldiers as a tribute to the servicemen and women of World War I, The Great Ocean Road stretches over 243km and is one of Australia’s most beautiful drives. While it’s possible to do this stretch in one day, that wouldn’t do it justice. Take your time to stop along the way to take in the spectacular sights on this vast stretch of coastline. Time it right to see The Twelve Apostles at sunrise. These rock formations jutting out of the sea are slowly being eroded away by salt water and wind. Only eight remain, so make sure you see them before they’re gone forever. Also, take time to see Loch Ard Gorge and The Grotto before heading onto Warrnambool to spy huge whales between the months of June to October. 

Los Angeles to Las Vegas, USA 

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This drive is perfect if you want a shorter journey with lots to see and do along the way. Make Mount San Antonio your first stop; a moderate 10km hike will take you to the top of this peak, often topped with snow during the winter months (get there early to avoid the crowds). Next up, detour onto Route 66 to the weird and wonderful Elmer’s Bottle Tree Ranch. Elmer has been collecting and making sculptures out of bottles for years – you’ll leave with some fabulous photos and it’s open every day from sunrise to sunset. Stop for lunch at Peggy Sue’s in Yermo – this pretty pastel-coloured roadside diner serves all-American classics that’ll make you want to return on the way back too. Before you cruise into Vegas, head for Primm to see the actual stolen V8 Ford (punctured with over 100 bullet holes) used by Bonnie and Clyde in 1934. 

Hokkaido, Japan 

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Japan’s northernmost island, Hokkaido is home to just five percent of the country’s population and the perfect size for a fascinating trip. With volcanoes, geothermic springs and beautiful lakes, the photo opportunities on this pretty island are never-ending. There are a few different driving routes to choose from depending on the amount of time you have, but we recommend a central route from Rausu in the east to Hakodate on the southern coast to see as much as possible. Don’t miss fresh seafood at Hakodate’s food market, ramen all over the island (but especially in the city of Sapporo), the phenomenon that is the Sea of Clouds at Unkai Terrace, plus loads of other natural wonders at Shiretoko National Park. A week or two is a good amount of time for an overview of Hokkaido and the best time to visit is between late spring and early autumn, before the snow hits. 

Ruta 40, Argentina 

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Running parallel to the Andes Mountains, this stretch of highway is one of the longest in the world. It takes anyone brave enough to tackle it through an astonishing 20 national parks and the most incredible scenery. With gravelled sections, blind curves and strong winds, it’s definitely not a route for novice drivers and it’s recommended you rent a decent four- wheel drive. You’ll need around six weeks to do this epic drive comfortably, but it’s one you’ll remember forever. Starting south of the Bolivian border in La Quiaca, you’ll want to make sure you stop at the largest salt flat in the world, the Salinas Grandes, for the most beautiful out-of- this-world landscapes you can imagine. Other stand-out spots include Cueva de las Manos in the Santa Cruz province, a cave famous for its hand paintings dating back some 13,000 years, and Los Glaciares National Park, which has some of the most accessible glaciers in the world. 

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Before you go 

Love the idea of the freedom of the road? Make sure you’ve worked out these practical bits first to avoid any issues (and breakdowns) in the middle of nowhere. 


Research different car rental companies to get the best deals, and don’t forget to do a test drive before you go. 


Accidents can happen, so make sure you get vehicle insurance. Pick the right coverage that will take care of any incident amounting to damage, from accidental scratches and bumps to serious dents and engine damage. 


Never drive when tired. Take a break or get someone else to drive if you start to flag. 


Make sure your oil and water are topped up. Ask someone to help you at the petrol station if you’re unsure. 


Make sure you know the road rules (and which side of the road you should be driving on) before you hit the road! 

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Road trip mini checklist: 

Make sure you pack… 

Plenty of water 

A decent playlist 


A multi-use charger 

Loose change for toll roads