With the Franke Box Center, you can now make optimal and efficient use of your kitchen counter.

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Many of us have the same problem. With smaller homes, and even smaller kitchens, limited counter space can hinder your cooking for family and friends.

Designed especially for discerning home owners who want to do more in their space-shy kitchen while appreciating sleek, smart designs, the Franke Box is pure genius. Recently unveiled at EuroCucina 2019, the international kitchen furniture exhibition in Milan, the new Box Center places the most important kitchen accessories needed to prepare meals into a single compact unit.

The Box Center comes complete with two sink bowls and kitchen accessories, including two chopping boards, three knives, a knife holder designed to self-stand, a colander and draining rack. What’s clever about it is that it uses what would usually just be sink space, creating more bench top area for cutting, chopping and rinsing. All you need to do is fix both chopping boards atop the main sink bowl and voila, you have effortlessly enlarged your food prep space!

If you’re draining rinsed vegetables or boiled pasta from the pot, all you need to do is fix the colander on the sink – everything you need is conveniently within arm’s reach.

Cleaning and storage is also a breeze. The removable parts can simply be taken out and washed while the kitchen accessories can be safely stored in the compartment bowl and drainage rack to allow them to dry overnight.

The Franke Box, awarded Kitchen Innovation of the Year 2019, is perfect for those who demand efficiency and optimum use of the kitchen area. It allows for seamless food preparation, cooking and cleaning up. Available in flush-mounted or slim top installation options in standard dimensions 860 x 510 cm. For more details, visit www.franke.com or call 6377 3285.

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The Franke Box Center has also received the prestigious IF Design Awards 2019, Discipline Product.