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What are the latest gizmos to soup up your kitchen? We’ve got 10 must-haves to help fire up the domestic goddess in you

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Good news for those who dread cleaning their coffee machine especially when rushing for their cuppa. The Bosch VeroBarista TIS65621RW has a AutoMilk Clean function which activates a fully-automatic steam cleaning after every beverage. Its OneTouch DoubleCup function can also dispense two cups at the same time. At $2,188.
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Have access to thousands of recipes at your fingertips with the Thermomix CookKey. Compatible with the all-in-one kitchen Thermomix appliances, the device connects the appliances wirelessly with the Cookidoo, Thermomix Online Recipe Platform. Plus, synchronise your favourite recipes directly to your Thermomix for cooking instructions on its display. At $198, includes a 6-month subscription of Cookidoo.
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Perfect for everyday family meals, KitchenAid's The 100 Year Limited Edition Queen of Hearts Stand Mixer features a unique custom chrome Power Hub cover and a substantial 5-quart (4.7L) capacity that’s great for soup preparation. The limited edition mixer comes in a modern, passion-inspired red colour. At $999.
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Speed up your cooking with Brandt’s new Combi Microwave Oven BKC6575X. With Autoprogramme, simply enter the type of food, its weight and the oven will automatically calculate the duration and cooking mode of the dish. Its Speed Defrost function also enables defrosting of food six times faster. At $2,499.
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With a large 72 litre capacity, cooking small or big meals is not a problem for this mighty oven. Electrolux’s new Black Built-in Oven EVE614BCE also features a cooler touch door which protects you from heat while its FullFlex telescopic runners help you maintain easy and safe cooking. At $849.

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For discerning home owners who want more kitchen space, the Franke Box comes with two sink bowls and chopping boards, three knives, a knife holder, a colander and draining rack. Get more countertop space by simply laying down the fitted chopping boards over the sink. Visit or call 6377 3285.
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Size is not a problem for this innovative Furi East/West Santoku Knife. With a deep blade made of Japanese stainless steel, large cutting jobs or small ones can be easily done with this knife. Its unique handle also gives you extra leverage and a secure grip to reduce hand fatigue. At $79 (for 13-cm blade).
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No more wondering if the pan is hot enough for your favourite steak with the TEFAL G11732 nonstick saute pan. It has a Thermo-Spot heat indicator to signal the perfect temperature to begin cooking. Its anti-warping induction base ensures even heat diffusion so that your food will be cooked evenly. From $59.90 to $129.
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Be spoiled for choice with the induction hobs from V-Zug. The FullFlex induction hob allows flexible cooking zones with its 48 state-of-theart inductors. It is able to automatically detect the position and size of the cookware used. As a result, you can place up to six pans anywhere you like on the glass ceramic plate. Price unavailable, for more information call +65 6926 0878.
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You no longer have to open the fridge door to take a peek inside the fridge. With two quick knocks, the LG Sideby-Side Refrigerator with InstaView Door-in-Door GS-X6018MT illuminates to allow you to view the contents inside. Its HygieneFRESH+ filtering system purifies the air and removes acid as well as alkaline odours to keep foods fresh. At $4,199.