Taking full advantage of the vertical expanse of this apartment, the designer managed to create more floor and storage space.

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Taking full advantage of the vertical expanse of this apartment, the designer managed to create more floor and storage space. LYNN TAN finds out how the modern luxe look was achieved without going over-the-top or breaking the bank.

"Despite the addition of the loft, staircase and elevated platform, the interior still feels spacious and open."

Homeowners Jeremy Tan and Theresa Ng are business professionals who love travelling and they envisioned their new home to be an oasis and a retreat from the hustle and bustle of their busy corporate lives. They wanted a modern luxe concept, but were very adamant that it does not end up being overthe-top. “Luxury design today can be overdone sometimes. We feel that a minimalist style can actually exude a stronger sense of modernity and sophistication,” says Jeremy, an entrepreneur and executive director of a construction equipment company. “What we were after is a classy and timeless luxury,” adds Theresa, a human resource business partner for the APAC region in a leadership solutions consulting firm.

This belief is shared by Carmen Tang, design director of Wolf Woof, who was tasked with the interior design for the apartment that the couple shares with their toddler, Imelda, and helper, Glori. She says: “Many people have the misconception that modern luxe can only be achieved in bigger apartments. Luxe also does not necessarily involve opulent, gaudy and ‘bling’ designs. Luxe can be understated while still oozing elegance and charm.”


Floor and storage spaces are two things that no homeowner will ever have enough of. More is always welcome, especially for families with children. “We told Carmen that we wanted as much storage as possible without compromising the design intent. With a young child, we really need extra space for keeping stuff ,” shares Jeremy. The 4.27 metre-high ceiling of this ground floor unit presented the perfect opportunity for Carmen to do just that by adding two lofts — one above the dining area and another in the master bedroom, along with various additional storage and wardrobe provisions.

The platform over the dining area feels like a mezzanine and this serves as a very private chillout area overlooking the living room, with storage cabinets lined up along one wall.

Carmen decided to retain the high ceiling in the living room, but came up with the ingenious idea of elevating it on a raised platform that incorporates under floor storage. “You just have to be extra cautious with the supports for the floor panels to ensure that they can take the weight of the furniture and people,” she points out.

The loft within the master bedroom accommodates a queen-sized bed, as well as a walk-in wardrobe, leaving ample space below for Imelda’s cot until she is old enough to sleep in her own room.


Carmen is a firm believer that it is possible to get the luxe look without the hefty price tag. To achieve this, she selected an appropriate palette of materials, textures and colours to convey an elegant chic style. These include marble-effect laminates for storage cabinets and the living room floor, gold accents on the dining table and chair legs, pendant lights, coff ee table and mirror wall feature, as well as rose gold laminates covering the edges of the loft platforms and stair treads. The choice of a velvet material for the curtains also adds to the plush feel.

Jeremy and Theresa decided to go for a metallic epoxy coating for the kitchen counters and vanity top, which were originally plain white surfaces. To get this look, a clear epoxy base and a metallic pigment powder were blended and poured over the original surface. As the metallic pigments move through the epoxy during the curing process, they can be agitated to create swirls, ripples, craters or waves. These effects are permanently locked in place when the epoxy hardens. In this case, they give the kitchen and vanity tops a marble effect. Apart from enhancing appearances, metallic epoxy coatings are also stainproof, seamless, and resistant to impact, heat, chemicals and scratches.

Carmen has a knack for incorporating budget-friendly Taobao finds into her home designs. The green sofa and chevron cowhide rug in the living room look like they came right out of a designer showroom. “Not everything needs to be expensive. It is about how you mix-and-match,” she comments.

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The colour palette ups the luxe factor.


The loft offers a vantage overlooking the living area.

A metallic epoxy coating achieves the look of marble without the cost and maintenance.
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The area below the master bedroom loft can be easily converted into a walk-in wardrobe in the future.


A loft increases the useable floor area in the master bedroom.

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