Up your spin game at True Fitness with their latest feet of indoor bikes.

Portrait of Tammy Strobel

Great indoor cycling workouts are shaped by three big factors: the immersive studio atmosphere, the high-energy instructor, and the very bike you spend every minute clipped onto.

In this age where tracking exercise progress has become the norm, the ideal spin bike should provide highly accurate real-time feedback on your revolutions per minute (RPM), power, heart rate and calories burned – on top of a smooth ride and adjustment settings, of course. True Fitness has brought exactly that into their Suntec City Mall gym: brand-new IC6 Indoor Cycle bikes with smart functions that add, quite literally, more colour to your pedalling experience.

Developed by the Indoor Cycling Group in Germany, the IC6 Indoor Cycle boasts a full-colour patented WattRate TFT computer that translates your pedalling effort into precise numbers on the LED display, which is self-powered by the bike’s generator. This means your energy gets captured by the IC6 Indoor Cycle as you ride, recharging it sans batteries or electricity – a feature that any environmentally conscious cyclist will surely approve of. Plus, it definitely adds more meaning to your ride.

Giving your workout a visual boost is ICG’s patented Coach By Color training system, which links your power or heart rate to five coloured training zones: white, blue, green, yellow and red, in increasing intensity. Your scores not only show up on your personal LED screen, but the main one as well, alongside everyone in class for a little friendly competition. Whether you love it or hate it, you’ve got to admit that it’s often exactly what you need during group exercise classes for a motivation boost.

To enhance your ride even further, pick from one of the four training modes available, including Power Training and Heart Rate that focuses on your watt output and heart rate respectively. For the ultimate test of endurance, switch to the Functional Threshold Power training mode, which automatically increases your watts target by 25 watts every four minutes. Your aim: stay in the green (moderate intensity) zone for as long as you can.

Hop on the bike and try it for yourself by booking an Indoor Cycling Experience class at True Fitness Suntec City Mall.


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