When the going gets tough, Kellogg’s Special K cereal keeps you going.

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Perhaps you’re a gym bunny with ambitious fitness goals. A super mum juggling babies and work. A career warrior gunning for a spotless appraisal. Perhaps, you’re all of these, and then some. When life demands so much of you, it takes some serious fuel to power you through the days and keep you on top of your game. No one understands this better than Kellogg’s, a global household brand that’s been making breakfast cereals for over a hundred years. Every box of crunchy flakes is formulated to fill you up with the right nutrients so you are satiated and energised for the hours that follow
Chances are, if you’re striving to eat right, one of Kellogg’s most iconic cereals, Special K will be on the radar. 
The almost fat-free cereal has recently undergone a revamp, and now comes forti ed with even more nutrients – especially essential for the days you need focus, strength and all-round feel- good vibes. 
FOLIC ACID Though it’s most commonly used to promote healthy pregnancy, folic acid is also known for 
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other benefits such as improving memory and depression, lowering blood pressure and even reducing risk of stroke. 
IRON Having suf cient iron prevents anaemia (where you lack healthy red blood cells) and hence tiredness. 
VITAMIN D Not only is it essential for strong bones, vitamin D also helps your immune system function normally. 
VITAMIN B12 Your body doesn’t produce vitamin B12, so you’ll need to get it from foods. This important vitamin is essential for production of red blood cells and DNA and keeping your nervous system healthy. 
VITAMIN B3 Also known as niacin, vitamin B3 contributes to energy- yielding metabolism and general health. 
VITAMIN B6 B6 is great for reducing tiredness and boosting immunity. 

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Special K now comes in two new favours: Forest Berries and Oats and Honey. You can enjoy these delicious  akes – 99 per cent fat free and packed with protein and  bre – with a simple splash of milk or customise them with your own toppings. They taste great on their own too! 
Forest Berries 
Freeze-dried blackberries, strawberries and blackcurrants 
add natural sweetness and antioxidants to the cereal’s well-loved whole grain flakes
Honey provides just the right amount of sweetness, and added 
oats give you more fibre for good digestive health. 
For the purist, this classic variant contains crunchy  flakes made with rice, whole wheat and oats. 
Vanilla Almond 
Enjoy a tasty kick of vanilla along with heart-friendly almonds. 
Kellogg’s Special K is available at 
all major supermarkets. Visit www. facebook.com/KelloggsSingapore for more information.