Portrait of Tammy Strobel


If you’ve been on the lookout for a non-invasive fat-busting solution to no avail, look no further than SW1 Clinic’s Onda Body Magic. This innovative, multi-tasking body sculpting treatment works to reduce fat pockets and tighten your skin at the same time, thanks to its patented Coolwaves technology. A unique handheld applicator releases electromagnetic waves that penetrate deep into the subcutaneous layers of the skin to break down stubborn fat deposits, while another handpiece effectively targets the connective tissues responsible for cellulite. In addition, microwaves help to instantly shrink collagen fibres within the dermis while promoting the production of new collagen to tone the body.


A trio of state-of-the-art measures work together to ensure that this treatment is completely safe. Its integrated cooling technology reduces the risk of overheating and burns, while the in-built Energy Flow Control System controls the temperature output so that only the exact amount of heat energy required is delivered throughout the process for a convenient and comfortable treatment.


While perfect as a cellulite buster, this treatment can also be used to tone other body parts like your arms, thighs or belly. With no downtime and different intensity options, Onda Body Magic is not only safe and effective, but customisable as well, making it suitable for all body types.

Onda Body Magic is $500++ for each area. Available at SW1 Clinic, 
#13-03 Paragon, Tel: 6817 8888. For more information, visit sw1clinic.com* *TERMS AND CONDITIONS APPLY