The Tiger Thermal Magic Cooker helps you prepare some of your favourite dishes with less effort.

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The Tiger Thermal Magic Cooker helps you prepare some of your favourite dishes with less effort. 
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No more standing over a hot stove for hours to put a delicious meal on the table! The Tiger Thermal Magic Cooker does all the hard work for you, whipping up healthy and delicious dishes, all in the one pot. It’s fuss-free, energy-saving and makes cleaning up a breeze.   


Imagine a meal that mostly cooks all on its own, without fire and electricity. That’s how the made-in-Japan Tiger Thermal Magic Cooker works. 

It comprises an outer container (vacuum cooker), and a three-layer bottom inner pot. If you are cooking a soup, all you have to do is fill the inner pot with the ingredients and water, place it on a gas or induction hob and bring the liquid to the boil. 

Then place the inner pot in the heat-retaining outer container, cover and set aside. An outer cover not only keeps the inner glass lid secure, it also helps to retain the heat within the inner pot, which continues to tenderise the ingredients, cook the soup and keep it warm effortlessly (for up to eight to 12 hours without heat or electricity) until it’s time to eat. When you’re ready to serve, simply remove the glass lid and dish the food out. 


The Thermal Magic Cooker is ideal for a range of dishes, from hearty stews and congees to braised meats. 

Try making Korean ginseng chicken soup or sweet and sour spare ribs with it. Pop the ingredients into the Thermal Magic Cooker in the morning, and come home to a steaming hot delicious lunch or dinner. Or set it to work overnight for a yummy local breakfast, like barley with ginkgo nuts or red bean soup. 


1. Put the inner pot over the fire and bring to the boil. 

2. Place the inner pot in the outer container.  

3. Cover and set aside. 

4. Open when it’s time to eat. 


The latest Tiger Thermal Magic Cookers come in different sizes for your different needs. 

• 3-litre Thermal Magic Cooker NFH-A300, $299 (UP $429)

• 4.5-litre Thermal Magic Cooker NFH-G450 (RJ), $329 (UP $479)

• 4.5-litre Thermal Magic Cooker NFH-G450 (XS), $329 (UP $479)

• 6-litre Thermal Magic Cooker NFI-A600, $449 (UP $649) 

• 8-litre Thermal Magic Cooker NFI-A800, $519 (UP $749) 

Heap Seng Group is the sole distributor of Tiger Thermal Magic Cookers. They are available at BHG, Isetan, Metro, OG, Takashimaya D.S. and Tangs. For more information, visit