Reverse signs of ageing around the eyes with the non-invasive Clifford Eye Rejuvenation Program

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Reverse signs of ageing around the eyes with the non-invasive Clifford Eye Rejuvenation Program

The Clifford Eye Rejuvenation Program promises renewed youth without surgery 

They say the eyes are the windows to your soul, but the  eyes are also windows to your youth. The delicate area around the eyes is one of the first—and most prominent— places to show visible signs of ageing, with an unpredictable  number of contributing factors that, for the bulk of it, are uncontrollable. It’s hardly surprising then, that eye rejuvenation  is of the greatest interest to women over 35 who are considering  a cosmetic procedure.

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Enter Clifford Eye Rejuvenation Program, a unique combination of The Clifford Clinic’s Non-Surgical Eye Bag Removal and Thermage®,* a procedure without surgery or injections. First, the Non-Surgical Eye Bag Removal uses a microscopic needle linked to a radiofrequency current that melts away fat from eye bags and eyelid hooding, which are then gradually reabsorbed by your own body. Then, Thermage®, the only non-invasive eyelid treatment cleared by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), uses a patented radiofrequency technology to safely deliver volumetric heat deep into the subcutaneous layers of your skin, stimulating existing and new collagen growth. With this renewed collagen production cycle, skin will naturally regain improved elasticity and contouring over the next six months following a single treatment.** 

Slowly but surely, you will stop zooming in on wrinkles, eye bags, drooping lids and sagging skin; and instead, focus on your refreshed, younger-looking eyes. All this with little to no down time, barely any pain, and in just one session. Who knew you could see yourself through new eyes so easily?

*Thermage® is a registered trademark of Solta Medical

**Treatment outcome may vary 

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