“Sealed” And Delivered

This writer was a fish out of water when Luminox threw him into the deep end with an ex-Navy Seal.

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This writer was a fish out of water when Luminox threw him into the deep end with an ex-Navy Seal.

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The location was Langkawi, Malaysia. The mission was “Luminox Spec Ops”. The man in charge was John McGuire, CEO of Seal Team Physical Training, which specialises in Seal-style team-building. He’s more than a trainer, having served 10 years with the US Navy’s elite Seal unit and participated in countless special operations in many parts of the world, mostly rescue-related and all of them classified. Not so top secret, but still military-ready, are Luminox watches.

They’re known for their toughness, timekeeping precision, reliability and micro gas tubes that illuminate in the dark. In other words, they’re the tools needed for paramilitary “exercises” like this. For half a day, which felt like the longest day at some points, the 37 civilian participants did a “beach assault” at Berjaya Langkawi Resort. The siong activities included “Push-ups On The Line”, “Planking Pirates”, “Sand Sprints” and “Low Crawl”. Due to my physical limitations (okay, I was out of shape), I had to fall out, after which I blacked out on a beach chair. This gave me the opportunity to chat with John.

What was life like as a US Navy Seal?

“It was a serious job, and having been a Seal also means lifelong learning. Great mates surrounded me and they’re my family. Without them, the mental, physical and emotion roller coaster wouldn’t have been easy on me.”

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Apparently, you’re quite a car guy. What do you have in your garage?

“I sure am! I have about nine cars at home – they’re used by my wife and kids. My favourites have to be my Ford Raptor, which I use daily, and my two Hummer H1s. They’ve all got big wheels and raised suspensions. When I don’t feel like driving, I’ll hop onto my Ducati 996. I love it a lot, mainly because of the sound made by the exhaust!”

Your thoughts on Luminox watches?

“Timepieces are critical equipment in operations, and my Luminox has proven itself to be strong and accurate, on top of being functional and utilitarian. Plus, it looks cool.”

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