One of Thailand’s most exclusive property developments to date marries luxury with the tranquillity afforded by Mother Nature.

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Green trees and birdsong on your doorstep. Quiet, sunlit lawns stretching out around the high-end estate. That is the promise of Santiburi The Residences. The ultra-luxury development in Bangkok comprises 25 prestigious homes across an 18-acre, greened parcel of land, built on the principle of harmony with nature.

Each detached house was carefully designed by master artisans to bring nature into the home. Floor-to-ceiling glass panels take the place of walls, and let the golden rays of dusk and dawn gently lap into the creamy interiors of wood and prized marble. Teak and pine – harvested from sustainable rainforests – dress the sprawling halls and facade, allowing the house to blend seamlessly into the tranquil landscape.

Much of the architecture has been moulded to suit Thailand’s tropical climate; the north-south alignment on all abodes affords natural ventilation from southerly winds, while sturdy eaves and concealed rain gutters welcome the cooling rains. It’s hard to tell where form ends and function begins with Santiburi – literally (and aptly) known as the “city of peace”.

The intimate connection to nature doesn’t cease at the end of each driveway. The bustle of the city falls away from the moment one turns off the nearby expressway and drives onto Ekkamai-Ramintra road, into the compound of Santiburi The Residences.

In the most exclusive neighbourhood in Bangkok, each house is serviced by an 18m-wide boulevard lined with calming trees, hedges and generous sidewalk. This, combined, is more than twice the width of some runways – all to ensure ample greenery, privacy and peace of mind as residents return home. Roundthe-clock security and state-of-the-art systems safeguard each household. There’s also space in each for six cars and a berth for electric vehicles.

With three base configurations and additional options for space usage – for example, one can choose to turn a spare room into a walk-in closet – residents can design a home that matches their lifestyles. Additional walkways and bedrooms specific to the hired help maximise the privacy of occupants.

To further cater to the residents’ needs, the Club House is equipped with a modern fitness centre, a semiOlympic pool, and a common lounge. A dining room fitted with a chef’s table is also on hand, should there be a need to host that special occasion with intimate attention from the chef.

Rounding out these facilities is the unwavering attention from a 24-hour concierge service capable of rendering any manner of assistance. One can expect top-notch treatment from this desk; the Santiburi brand has been running one of Ko Samui’s leading five-star resorts, and is perfectly familiar with attending to the well-heeled.

With a keen focus on living well, comfortably and in harmony with nature, Santiburi The Residences makes a choice investment for those seeking a modern sanctuary in the Thai capital.

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