Pave a better way forward with a restorative wellness retreat that helps you relax, reflect and recover

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The outdoor step-pool at Aman Spa’s Water Pavilion, one of five areas where guests can relax pre- or post-treatment 


Experience the healing power of nature at Amangiri. Sitting on a 243-hectare expanse of wilderness in Canyon Point, the 34-suite property is surrounded by dunes, mountain ridges, mesa rock formations, and stunning slot canyons sculpted by wind and water over millions of years. Being in a landscape as starkly beautiful as this sparks self-reflection, and from now till March, guests can join wellness masters Svet Bananov, Connie Beingessner and Fernando Camberos on a three- or five-day journey focused on quieting the mind, rejuvenating the body and nurturing the soul. Taking a holistic approach to achieving mind-body synergy, the Kokoro Retreat sees guests take on a mix of activities aimed at relieving stress and developing awareness—think hikes, movement classes, meditation sessions and restorative massages at the 2,322sqm Aman Spa. Even as you check out, this secluded resort may well have you scheduling your next trip. Visit

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The main swimming pool is backed by a lofty rock escarpment 


Proving that there’s more to Indonesia than Bali, Bawah Reserve takes tropical-island getaways to new heights. Nestled among three lagoons in a private enclave of six islands in the heart of the remote Anambas Archipelago, the luxury eco-resort has just 36 suites and bungalows hidden among the lush forest, strung along the pristine beaches and built on stilts over azure blue waters. This January, it off ers up two new three-day retreats to rejuvenate weary minds and tired bodies. Journey To Calm seeks to bring inner balance back to stressed-out individuals through life coaching and meditation sessions. Meanwhile, Journey To Vitality builds on the concept of healthy body, healthy mind, with activities that enhance physical health and cultivate mindfulness, such as paddleboard yoga. Both journeys also include twice-daily group meditation classes and a daily customised spa treatment. Located just 300km off our north-eastern shores, the idyllic oasis is less than three hours away (a one-hour ferry ride to Batam, followed by a 90-minute private seaplane ride)—perfect for a weekend getaway. Visit

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Overwater bungalows afford expansive vistas of the outer islands 


Where better to go for an eudaemonic experience than a country consistently in the top 10 on the United Nations’ World Happiness Report? Sprawled across 1,214 hectares on the remote Troll Peninsula in northern Iceland, Deplar Farm offers up a transformative experience with its new wellness programme, Eleven Life. The personalised four-day retreat (20 to 24 January) pushes one’s limits with outdoor adventures that train physical and mental strength; maximises one’s well-being with yoga and functional fitness classes; and rejuvenates mind and body with spa therapies, with daily conscious breathing sessions further fostering relaxation. It also points the path to healthy living with a well-balanced menu of local delicacies. Adding to the restful vibe, the raw beauty and tranquility of the rugged surrounds create a cocoon of peace for inner healing. Visit 

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Experience the beauty of Icelandic wilderness at the 13-room Deplar Farm 

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For a refreshing change of scenery, take a dip in the outdoor geothermal-heated pool