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The Philips Avance Collection Cooking Blender HR2099/90 is a onestop solution to preparing tasty meals.

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The Philips Avance Collection Cooking Blender HR2099/90 is a onestop solution to preparing tasty meals

All-in-one machines are all the rage in the culinary world. Their ability to go from baking to broiling, mixing to mincing, and everything in between often means that these advanced kitchen appliances are the ultimate time-saving multi-taskers. So with several new all-in-one kitchen appliances on the market, how do you choose the best? Enter the Philips Cooking Blender HR2099/90. This appliance offers a unique solution for cooking and preparing delectable food at the touch of a button. From delicious drinks to multi-course meals, you can streamline your cooking process and enjoy cooking with fresh ingredients without the use of bulky tools.

Healthy Home Made Food

Spend less time preparing and more time enjoying food with the Cooking Blender. The combined function of heating and blending makes the appliance perfect for creating nutritious home-cooked family meals like puréed soups, hot and cold drinks, condiments, sauces and even preservative-free baby food. The new cooking blender works on a set-and-forget premise, with a timer and the ability to blend while cooking. This means no more burning of food and best of all, convenience and ease for the home cook. The cooking blender is also surprisingly compact and it’s ready to go with just a flick of the switch making it the ideal appliance for you to enrich any meal.

Adjustable Settings

Home cooking has never been so easy. The Cooking Blender offers programmed settings for Asian soup, pureed soup, bean milk and porridge – all at the touch of a button. Not a novice chef? Exercise more control over your device with three manual cooking modes that includes adjustable timing and temperature settings. For brewing and infusing, go with low heat for the ideal dessert soup base or switch to a higher temperature for quicker cooking that is more suited to foods that require shorter cooking time to preserve texture. Whatever you crave, Philips is here to satisfy your every whim and fancy.

The powerful 1,100 W motor also provides optimum blending power to ensure smooth results every time.

Philips Avance Collection Cooking Blender HR2099/90, $399, is available at leading electrical and department stores. Visit for more information.

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“I think home cooks and professional chefs alike will find this cooking blender to be a musthave item in their kitchen arsenal. It’s easy to use and makes light work of everyday meals. The best part? Almost nothing to wash up at the end of the day!” Features Writer Natalya Molok

“I’ve never been a fan of all the time and elbow grease that comes with chopping up hardy vegetables but with the new Philips cooking blender, juicing citrus fruits and whizzing up a bowl of classic minestrone has never been easier. As a nice added touch, the device comes with an accompanying recipe booklet.” Content Writer Elizabeth Liew