Powerful speaker proves its weight.

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Powerful speaker proves its weight.

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There are regular boxy speaker systems that get the job done – then there are these svelte sculptures from Estonian manufacturers Estelon that are showpieces in their own right. 

Don’t confuse the Extreme’s slight figure with weakness, however. Built into each of the towers are two 10-inch aluminium-cone woofers, one 10-inch aluminium-cone mid-woofer, and one 7-inch ceramic inverted-dome midrange, with a 1.5-inch industrial diamond inverted-dome tweeter to flesh out the finer points of any masterpiece. 

Each speaker is held down by marble- based composite, contributing to a massive weight of 250kg per unit, but which allows the Extreme speakers to hold their ground, while filling the room with perceptible and deep, unsaturated bass. Point of fascination: the top half of the set-up can be adjusted vertically, a subtle option which allows homeowners to optimise acoustics and hence their aural experience from any one point in the room. 

All of this combined delivers a powerful audio experience, built to resound in expansive halls, yet is versatile enough to convey minute details with clarity. Sure, a pair may set you back $300,000 and you’ll have to hire a crew every time you want to move them, but that’s a small price to pay for having an orchestra-on-demand in the living room. 

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