Samsung’s Galaxy Fold sets the bar for luxury mobile phones.

Portrait of Tammy Strobel

"The Galaxy Fold allows for three apps to be displayed simultaneously."

The talk of the town can now sit in your palm. Enter Samsung’s Galaxy Fold – the herald of an entire paradigm shift in the way we experience life, and the hottest luxury gadget to be toting right now.

The hubbub is understandable. The first-of-its-kind foldable device shatters the limitations that have defined phones for years, thanks to the groundbreaking Infinity Flex screen tech. It unfolds, clamshellstyle, to yield no less than 7.3 inches of interactive real estate. In a nutshell, it’s a tablet-like device with unrivalled portability that will slip easily into your evening jacket or pants pocket.

Keen to show off your prize catch on your Maldives fishing trip? Or need a quick readthrough of a freshly-drafted prospectus? This is what the Galaxy Fold was built for – the luxuries of a bigger, brighter and better display, courtesy of the industryleading innovation and expertise that has long been in the Samsung R&D genes.

The HDR and HDR10+ compliant screen promises surreal photo clarity and striking contrast ratios that will make your images “pop”. If discretion is the name of the game, there’s no actual need to crack open the next-gen device at the dinner table. That’ll inevitably prompt some unwelcome fascination. Simply use the 4.6-inch front screen as you would a normal phone. You can unfold at any time to switch back to a large version of the app – it’s that intuitive.

But the Galaxy Fold isn’t all play and no work. With the advent of such a large screen and powerful hardware comes an unprecedented smartphone functionality – triple-app multitasking. This means you can boot up an optimised Office365 app while keeping a browser open for research, plus one more for, say, monitoring a live Twitter feed or a messaging app.

Era-defining change only comes so often every lifetime, and it’s always visionaries and early adopters that usher the new age in. A revolutionary device like the Galaxy Fold best suits driven individuals who can truly put it through its paces. Sharp-minded clientele deserve no less than the best. To that end, the Galaxy Fold release will be limited – only five countries in the world, Singapore among them, will field the phone.

Interested parties will also be treated to a one-on-one product experience session with a Galaxy Fold ambassador – elevating the relationship from a mere brand customer to a partnership in this exciting new chapter in smartphone history.

For a one-on-one product experience with the Galaxy Fold, sign up at sg/galaxyfold/register. Visit the Samsung Experience Store at Vivocity to find out more.